U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers

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Here's the brilliance of Trump's pinning this on Antifa.

This means the left is going to have two equally unacceptable outcomes.

1. They have to defend Antifa and claim that no, their pet Joggers chimped out and wrecked multiple large American cities doing upwards of a Trillion dollars in damage all on their own.
2. They have to toss Antifa under the bus and claim that their pet Joggers were just radicalized by the evil whypypo.

The former, Trump gets to play the race card and that Democratic policies created the problem, and the left loses their plantation. The latter, Trump gets to go after Antifa as a terrorist organization, and given how deep those roots goes that means he can go after any goddamned leftist institution out there. Colleges? Antifa breeding grounds. Journalists? A stupid number of them have ties to Antifa. Big tech? Antifa everywhere.

There's a reason they're so goddamned desperate to find some alt-rightnazifaschistiphobes out there to pin this on. The journalists and the alpha SJWs know they're rapidly becoming boxed in.


Osama bin Ladkin
Did the world just go insane when it became 2020 because holy shit have people become unhinged. How does breaking shit, hurting people, and generally acting insane advance the cause of race relations? Suburban white women are the cancer destroying this country with their hysterical virtue signaling.

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She's not wrong. Stonewall was criminal degenerates breaking shit because the police dared to police them, who were then championed as freedom fighters by politicians, corporations, and the media. The riots are perfectly in the spirit of pride month, and I'm sure that isn't lost on the many proud LGBTP-Americans breaking shit today.

Exterminate Leftists

including Libertarians and big-brained centrists
In regards to a post a few pages back, don't be surprised these nutters are coming for animal rights groups. It's been bubbling, I started seeing this happen a few years back.

Certain charities continuously bitched at by these cretins moaning about ''the compassion you have for animals should be directed toward the oppressed community''. Basically all anyone is allowed to care about is them.

I'm hoping that maybe this will wake more people up to what this is really about. Control. They don't want your respect or your kind words they want your bloody obedience.

Dogfuckers and their allies had it coming for a long time imo. If we live in a just world, pitbull apologists will be up against the wall first.

pitbulls are only owned by blacks and people who love black cock. also white trailer trash but that's redundant
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What a load of fucking bum rimming bollox written by this stupid, pot smoking cunt, John Watson who runs the cycling website Radavist. Black square on front page with a load of shit.

You pushed it with me ass patting troons and the LGBTBBQ crowd and now this. You are a cunt and as the comments are unusually closed i guess i am not on my own thinking that. Fuck off.