Ugandan Knuckles Meme Salt - They do naut know de wey

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Uh, people make fun of all accents. Its not just limited to Ugandans and Westerners make fun of each others accents all the time. This is the stupidest shit. Its not somehow magically different because its an African country.
Not only that, but the studio that made the movie the meme is making fun of, Nabwana IGG, actually finds humor in it and is retweeting it on their Twitter page, unlike the dozens of upset Tumblrinas trying to put words into their mouths.

From the studio's Twitter page:


Gone Forever
Ugandan Knuckles isnt even the first knuckles.

In fact, Silly Knuckles is from a video by the animator Gregzilla, who came up with design before dumping it onto another creator FrameRater, who ran it to the ground in a tongue in cheek fashion with 5 more videos.

Then knuckles got imported into VRChat and the rest of it is history. Im happy hes alive and well

Heres the man responsible for the 3D model
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