ugh - Livestream - 25 March 2021

It's somehow a b-version of a Chinny stream, how is that even possible?!

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Amber currently making bank on Super Chats. Her chat is moving so quick, people are paying her to notice them. She seems giddy now. Many more viewers than Chantal, currently.

Taking funny money bets on how long before Chinny and Al have beef with one another...

ETA: Ninja'd by Empress AND e-gf!
This was a straight up flex on land-whalelynn’s part. She knew Chantal was live and tried to say she had no idea 🙄

Less than 10 min in and she already has an attitude. This should be fun.

EDIT: Talking about ~distraction techniques~ that work fOr HEr. Bitch you just quit your diet one day after starting.
I can't even figure what the reality of the situation is. Is she deluding herself with this shit and she actually believes it? Is it just trolling? Is it genuine failure and she just wants to try to save face in front of the audience and she hopes everyone is as stupid as she actually is?

Privated. This fucking cunt is vying to eat up my diskspace with her banal garbage.
I've not tried it myself, does youtube-dl's live stream commands actually work with her immediate privating nonsense? I never watch the streams live but if I see one I'm willing to download a few myself.