ugh - Livestream - 25 March 2021


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The best part of the stream:
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I have never watched ydhb, but I like that Becky of all people is in the background piping up about schooling and degrees and her current status is unemployment with a side of nothing going for her. She sleeps all day and then wakes up to empty litter boxes and drive to Kroger to get amber chips.

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God, whenever Amber goes gloves off with her haydurs it's always pretty great. I haven't been keeping up with haydur nation, but I remember YDHB being an insufferable cunt and a skinny (or rather skinnier) Amber. However this carries less weight than Amber making that petty dig about losing more weight than Chuck last year.

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The best part of the stream:
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“She thinks she’s Queen Bee but she’s... [longest pause ever] not”. Wow, that was such a clever comeback! YDHB will need some ice for that burn! You can tell she’s an avid reader and a published author, only someone who reads 70 YA novels per second could come up with that.

God amber really is an insufferable cunt.
"I wish I could have a tattoo on my chest too." Yeah I know she is just being a cunt and not serious, but it's ironic she used that example when she didn't even go with Becky to get her tattoo because she couldn't be in the car that long, was worried there wouldn't be a chair that would fit her fat ass, and she can't stand that long.
She can say whatever she wants about YDHB or any reactions for that matter, but it's obvious she is seething with jealously.
Sometimes I find myself having a little pity on her, but then I remember these lives and the real her and any pity I may have had goes away.

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I have zero time for YDHB - never made it through an entire video. Her voice is grating & she's not as bright as she wants to think she is. But Amber would be jealous as hell. This girl is closing in on 90K subs, is doing something with her life & at least for now, is reasonably attractive. That's enough to drive Amber mad.


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Funny how she looked like a couch potato and says "please take a screenshot of this! ohmygod i'm really really UGLY!" after the video reading her cyberbullying journal entry.. She does this all the time for tiktok and I don't understand her logic.. "Agree but don't judge me" ?

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The noises she made at her cat were exactly the same noises Chantal makes. She's coming for Chantal's brand!

Noticed in her 'let's talk' live ambers cluster b ass was mimicking chins, she was getting shitty and telling people to fuck off, exactly like Chantal does.

Now watching this live, just noticed she is even doing the Canadian eh? thing 🤣