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Little-Lovely said:
JimReynolds said:
Next thing you're gonna tell me that Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc is just Christian Weston Chandler backwards.

Of course not don't be re-dic-u-lous

You have no idea how much time I've just spent doing nothing because of this comment.
I was trying so hard to work out what "re-dic-u-lous" meant backwards (shh, I'm slow and it's 2am) that I read it was "soul u cider" and my mind was blown before i realised:
1. that's not how you spell ridiculous anyway
2. that doesn't make soul cider, it makes suol-u-cider.

Then I thought "just what the fuck is soul cider anyway?!" and google lead me to this shitty old goths website where she'd written poetry. One was called Soul Cider and its a very silly poem. Ive now wasted a good 10 mins wandering though this random goths site laughing. If you follow it to the root page, it says she had a "new site! with no satanic pop-ups!" so i followed that (with the aid of the way back machine). Now i feel like a stalker cuz i know the DOB and the face of this goth chick I've never met before and have no reason to see. HERE SHE IS. and she named the file "goodpic.jpg"... not to be a bitch babe, but if thats a "good pic", i dont really wanna see a bad one.

Fucking papertrails on the internet! after rooting through that site, i found her boyfriend "sparrow" randomly hanging around on the internet. Im gonna stop there before i get mega creepy. ALL CUZ YOU WROTE "re-dic-u-lous"!

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