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DrMusic2, aka Nathan Forester, is an interesting specimen. Even Mister Metokur talked about him in an episode of Deviants. He's gone through many phases over the years (from identifying as a WereJohnCandy, to now having an insane worldbuilding project involving celebrity transformation fetish stories).


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Alex Vidal's (@HiImWolfette) thread is great as it teaches you to not let the internet do most of your parenting for your child. He's also the actualized caricature of how TERFs view MTF trannies as.

Another one is about Katie Charm, a MTF trannie who blew $2 million on partying in Vegas, and now lives in LA making ends meet and trying to make it big as an actor, DJ, and etc. What gives him that creep factor is his instagram videos of him staring into the camera like Buffalo Bill.


Kingcobrajfs or Josh Saunders has never really been talked about on here much but is a very fun cow to casually watch. He has had a litany of sperg outs since the thread was last updated but clicking on any of his hundreds of youtube videos on his channel typically brings a good amount of lol's even though he can be extremely boring sometimes. Very active though, i'd highly recommend watching his delusional, autistic, goth rockstar fantasies.

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I feel like about half of the cows in La Zorra don't get the attention they deserve mostly because the other half are heavy hitters like Jake Alley or Terra. Since someone else already named Katie Charm (the living embodiment of autogynephilia), I'll suggest the man who traded his dick to be "EISNER NOMINATED" - Brian "Magdalene" Visaggio.


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I don't think Abby Cappleman gets as much love as the Yankee munchies, despite being funnier than the majority and also having a cute animal sidekick.

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Tara Strong perhaps. She's someone I feel deserves a thread at this point. Her sperging out at Uber drivers, trying to get them fired for voicing support for Trump and her 24/7 Twatter chimpouts have been discussed, but never in any great detail. She's hilarious to poke and watch the ensuing explosion.


Tara Strong perhaps. She's someone I feel deserves a thread at this point. Her sperging out at Uber drivers, trying to get them fired for voicing support for Trump and her 24/7 Twatter chimpouts have been discussed, but never in any great detail. She's hilarious to poke and watch the ensuing explosion.
People like her as Harley Quinn too much, though I prefer Arlene Sorkin.

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I still find Boaman really funny sometimes. He had this whole gay phase where he posted this on his YouTube.


He’s since changed it but that was pretty amazing. Only reason I didn’t post it was because I didn’t think anyone would give a fuck.

There’s a guy on YouTube who just goes by G-Man who likes to debate Black Hebrew Israelites a lot and espouse his views on Evangelical Christianity but I’m too lazy and busy to make a thread on him. Feel free if you want to watch him debate people badly for like 3 hours and occasionally he comes off as a closeted homosexual.


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Kanadajin3 is severely underrated here on Kiwifarms. She used to be a mega weeaboo who thought she was Japanese until two years when she decided to convert to Islam in order to impress a Muslim bloke she liked (although he's not even particularly religious and wouldn't want to hang out with her anyway) and now she has gone Saudiboo wahhabist. She is nothing short of batshit insane.

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The Daily Stormer is hilarious (the article where he told people to justify beating their wives by saying they're into 50 shades of grey was one highlight), but the thread has few participants and a lot of it is white knighting. Most threads on far right lolcows in general don't get enough attention.

/r/shitliberalssay and the Reddit communist community are also a great laugh and don't get that much love here.



I'm surprised people barely used her thread back in 2016 when she was still in the public eye, considering that annoying and temporarily getting a Lyft driver fired weren't the only things she did. Reading about her feminist Facebook group was an interesting exercise in learning about the effects of brainwashing, groupthink, and girl politics.
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Gonna shill for some less active BP threads.

Raven Sparks is an ageing goth grandma who married her 16 year old kids best mate, dumped him, and now lives in a shack with a yokel. She also likes to abuse animals and fake pregnancies pretty much constantly.

Margo Palermo made her young daughter into a living doll until said daughter escaped to Japan, subsequently spending her time stalking her online and living in goshiwans. She recently got detained by Korean immigration for being a prostitute.

Ashleigh Shackleford isn’t as egregiously evil as the previous two, but she is notable for being a scammer and perfect example of SJW lunacy on steroids. Also, fat. I’m sad her thread doesn’t get more attention.
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