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Unite the Right rally ends in Violence in Chris's stomping grounds.

Discussion in 'Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalism' started by CharlesBarkley, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:33 AM.

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  1. If they think shouting Nazi slogans while doing a homage to a Nazi torch rally is "good optics" then what the fuck are bad optics?
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  2. Way i see it? Shits a repeat of the political Climate one century ago.

    Remember the German Civil war of 1918? Communists tried a violent coup in germany just after the first World war ended. Gee, i wonder how hitler got into power.

    Shits on repeat because the far left have Sterilized their history, and refused to admit that the far left in the past going full exceptional individual, has led to a massive rise of the far right in europe and elsewhere.

    Happend in the 20s

    And again in the 70's in italy with the Years of lead started off by Violent communists again. (conversely, this period is also likely why people refur to antifa as fascists)

    And now...it happens again.

    Can any of us really say we didnt see something like this car attack coming? with how Violent the far left has gotten since trump started running for office...the Leftis Riots at his ralleys, the BLM riots and police killings, the assaults, the beatings of highschool kids on the right, the Censorship of everyone not on the left, the attempted assassination of Scalise...

    Some right winger was eventually going to have enough of this and say Fuck it.

    So now, we just sit back and watch the fireworks I guess, as History, once again repeats itself. The rest of the year is gonna be one hell of a ride.

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  3. Running people over with your car, apparently.

    All that was missing from the torchlight photos was a rousing rendition of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me".

    He wasn't just a "right winger", though. He was a white nationalist - not that it's going to make the slightest difference to the people who want to characterise every conservative as a Nazi.
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  4. Yeah, It was still inevitable that Something like this would happen on the "right" whether its some Neo con, or an actual nazi.
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  5. Well that explains the windows

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  6. When you look at images of this rally compared to KKK rally's and marches of old. It's really chilling and disturbing that this is occurring. Occurring in 2017 in the United States of America.
    This is a KKK rally from 1965.

    Charlottesville Va 2017.
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  7. They were emulating Nazi torchlight rallies from the 1930s.

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  8. I notice just as the car grinds to a stop, the Antifags run up with sticks and try to beat the car with them, just to end up getting reversed into. Real Einsteins there.
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  9. There's a correlation between being an antifa and being a total dumbass.
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  10. Kinda goes without saying, just making an observation about the video. There's a difference between being a dumbass and just plain begging for a Darwin Award, though.
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  11. From more sane perspectives (Whether in agreement or against it.):

    MY TAKE: The only reason this caught my attention? It happened in OPL's hometown. That's it - and I thought Chris was an embarrassment. He still is, but by being at Bronycon, he just proved to be above these fools and their tiki torches from Walmart. UGH.
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  12. I can get behind trying to stop the car after it slammed into a group of people, but when the car in question is a muscle car with more than 300 HP, the better option would have been dragging wounded off the street, so the guy doesn't run them over again.

    Well, that and maybe trying to puncture a tire or shoving a flagpole/bat into the rims... not like that would stop the car, but it might at least achieve more than being crushed between a muscle car and a parked car.
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  13. It would be incredibly easy to find some random look-a-likes, fire off an email to that account and enjoy the ensuing chaos.

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  14. I'm pretty sure that's already happened.
  15. That video is fucking insane. Is there really only one fatality?
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  16. One so far but five of the twenty people taken to hospital are in critical condition.
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  17. @repentance, obviously all the rest got a lucky break.

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  18. I love that the ACLU is suing Charlottesville
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  19. Yeah, crowds of people move like a fluid really efficiently away from shit like this.

    To up the casualties, more surprise, speed, and preferably explosives would be needed. And maybe a squad of men with guns to mow down anyone trying to help the wounded. Go from single digit to triple digit real efficiently.
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