World United States Recognizes Golan Heights as Israeli Territory -

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Whatever it is, I'm against it.
Okay, no money is being spent and no promises being made. So, why is this being done?

For one reason: This declaration accomplishes an important political objective, which is to cause anti-Semitic types to out themselves via the glorious First Amendment. This is not to say that most critics of our interactions with Israel are anti-Semites, but that this will spur true anti-Semites to start screeching about the evil of the Jews. And as they do, those who oppose Trump's positions because Orange Man Bad will jump to defend them, lending credence to the idea that the American Left will defend literally anyone as long as it suits their immediate political goals.

This is my prediction.

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Tfw you want to own the Jews so bad that you claim the middle east just wants to be friends.
pragmatism doesn't exist
Israel hasn't been significantly threatened since the 70s. War with Israel would be devastating for everyone and nobody wants that. Just like Korea, it's better for everyone if people just pretend that they want to fight.

But the 60s were far from the realities of today. Not to mention, why should I care if Israel is wiped out? I couldn't care less, just like Israel doesn't care about our citizens or soldiers.
Honestly you should have just stood your ground on your second point initially instead of trying to stand on the weak argument that Islam will just tolerate Israel if the US leaves.



Again, you are fucking wrong as shit. Everyone but Syria and Iran have accepted that it is better for everyone to just get along.
Somebody pass a note to HAMAS and Muslim Brotherhood. They apparently didn't get the memo.
should the american support ever be removed, it would take less than a decade for them to launch another coordinated invasion attempt, and without US backing the jews will have a hard time staying alive. they are more powerful and better organized than the arabs, but the sheer numerical advantages that the muslims can rely on could be enough to offset that in the long run.
It's not like you can just snap your fingers and have an Army/AirForce either. If Israel forfeits their technological advancements and the rest of the ME catches up they have to start over and that takes a long time. In fact, they already would if the US pulls support. A lot of heavy manufacturing and aerospace moved to the US after Camp David Accords were signed. That was the bargain. Israel gave up a lot of their in-house ability to build weapons on the condition that the US would keep them at the top (with Egypt getting support from the US to be #2). This established a regional peking order that has stood to this day.

If you really want to see the ME destabilized have the US reneg on their support for the Framework Peace Treaty.

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Israel hasn't been significantly threatened since the 70s. War with Israel would be devastating for everyone and nobody wants that. Just like Korea, it's better for everyone if people just pretend that they want to fight.
Goalposts moved. SIGNIFICANTLY threatened. Israel hasn't been SIGNIFICANTLY threatened since the sixties, actually, due entirely to support from the US. Depending on your definition of course. But Israel is threatened constantly. Do you not remember the PLO? The First Intifada? The Accords? The Second Intifada? The bait and switch of Hamas? The 2006 Lebanon War? Several nations in the nineties outright hostile or calling for the extermination of the Jewish State? If Israel had fallen to their knees in any of it, they would have had these "friendly" neighbours rise up and decimate them in an instant.

I have a lot of complaints about Israel, but your entire position is revisionist. I kind of wonder how old you are. I still consider the Second Intifada recent news myself, but you are way off base IMO.


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I'm no big fan of the Shlomos, but this is nothing more than recognization of the facts on the ground. Syria lost control of the Golan a long time ago, and they're certainly in no shape to contest this in any real way. What with the huge fanatical Islamic uprising they just had and all. And nobody in the ME really likes Syria. It'd be nice if American Jewry would say thank you for a change but that won't ever really happen.

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Free Palestine, death to the settlers, praise allah is what I concluded after watching Vox/Vice videos and this thread. ‘Not my business?’ Of course it is, our tax money is going to support these people. That means MY! MONEY! WHERES MY MONEY GOING SCHLOMO
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