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Guillera Girls - "The advantages of being a woman artist" (1988):
  • Working without the pressure of success - implying women artists are dilettantes (presumably because some MEN are financially supporting them). Pretty sexist isn't it?
  • Not having to be in shows with men - they really hate men so much, don't they? I'm pretty sure some of them don't want to be in the same show as another woman artist either.
  • Having an escape from the art world with your 4 free-lance jobs - because they are dilettantes.
  • Knowing your career might pick up after you are 80 - dream on.
  • Being assured whatever fuck you shit out will be labelled feminist art - like this poster.
  • Not being stuck with a tenured teaching position - sour grapes.
  • Seeing your ideas live on in the work of others - and cry "cultural appropriation".
  • Having the opportunity to choose between career and motherhood - you have no "career".
  • Not having to undergo the embarrassment of being called a genius - genius, as the University of Cambridge recently announced, is a male attribute.
  • Getting your picture in the art magazines wearing a gorilla suit - how many serious women artist have taken this option?


Subconsciously Suberogatory
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And Van Gogh was basically a lolcow who got famous after death. It'd be like if Chris died, became an object of worship, and people decided the best art of the 21st century was the sonichu medallion and wrote plays about him.
While I love van Gogh, I agree there is too much mythologizing about him, and about mentally-ill artists in general. But then part of the mythologizing is because their behavior is inscrutable to normal people -- the same cannot be said of Chris Chan.

His life also perpetuated the myth that "artists only become famous after they die; they spend their lives enriching humanity and receive no benefits in return." -- Hello, Salvador Dali?
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Prince Jello

I recently learned about Roman Opałka's paintings, more specifically his Détails. While I don't find contemporary art very interesting from a conceptual/aesthetic point of view, I find the intention behind Opałka's project to be somewhat moving. This man spent several years of his life trying to materially depict and capture time's irreversible flow, knowing that it would force him to paint the same thing until his death.


good for you
Ive been trying to find some cool artists to follow on instagram, but most of them draw animeish cute girls and im getting really tired of it


Of course, now that I'm actively trying to find an example, I can't, but I think they're trying to make something look painterly but instead make it look like a lineless mess. Sort of like

but this is somewhat better than typical smudgyness.

Source: https://firefilly1996.deviantart.com/art/Element-of-healing-Read-below-688532183
Hello I am just replying to this thread I found. More speficically an art piece by the name of Element of Healing. This is by Firefilly1996 AKA me and I would like it to be taken down. The post itself is older from this year, but I was not given credit to the piece. I don't care about the options on it I just credit or for it to be taken down. Any further use of my art without credit will follow with legal action as it is copyrighted to me. I do not mean any trouble but please credit people for their art. You will get in serious legal trouble.


User that posted: https://kiwifarms.net/members/insert-meme-here.13221/

Proof of my art:

If further proof is needed look in the bottom left corner under the horse. There should be a very very faint blue horse head watermark.

Any questions please email me. Again I am not upset, but the policies need to be updated to where threads must include and credit artists.

Considering the art was used fairly in the context of criticism or ridicule you are technically incorrect about it being unlawful, but since you've asked nicely I'll go ahead and throw an attribution link into the post.

Nyoom frame

I'm sick to death of these detailed drawings of girls with big ass eyes, a tiny baby bump nose and small but plump, red, shiny lips

I get it takes talent to do, but I see this shit everywhere and it all looks the same. All the artists who draws in this style just seem to draw the same picture over and over.
The worst is when they label this style as "realism" because it fucking isn't

Libtard Baby

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I'm sick to death of these detailed drawings of girls with big ass eyes, a tiny baby bump nose and small but plump, red, shiny lips

I get it takes talent to do, but I see this shit everywhere and it all looks the same. All the artists who draws in this style just seem to draw the same picture over and over.
The worst is when they label this style as "realism" because it fucking isn't
Cuz' you're gay.

John Furrman

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I dont like the common conception of "style", to a many artists it means "I dont have to learn anatomy" or "I get to draw the same schtick over and over".

In the world of media and TV I understand the importance of a consistent style, but for hobby art theres no harm in experimenting.
I watched a really interesting video about the difference between inherited style and manufactured style. I think that a proper understanding of the different meta-categories of style would be a huge help to novice artists.

tl;dr: manufactured style is how you choose to draw something, and inherited style is how you actually draw it (or even how you hold your brush) and personally approach art.

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There is sometimes beauty in very gruesome, dark art, that a lot of people can't appreciate. There's beauty and detail in paintings with cheerful demeanors, sure, but nothing quite hearkens to the true depth of a human mind like despair.

Slowboat to China

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I've seen some modern art that actually is quite beautiful. I've begun to think that what makes a modern piece interesting or artistic isn't the theory or the context or whatever, but the skill it takes to produce it. If there's actual technical ability involved, steel-bending or glassblowing or making models or what have you, I find I'm more likely to find something worthwhile in it. But if it's just random crap that you need to have read a whole thesis about to understand, I can't be arsed.

I had a serious case of art whiplash when I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. Some really gorgeous old sculptures and paintings in the historical side, and then you cross over into the modern side and ... what the hell is that? Is that an overturned chair under a staircase, next to a projector? Are they doing construction, or did someone leave a ... Oh, wait, it's art. And so are the two fluorescent tubes, and the bookshelf full of rocks. I had no idea my spare bedroom was a treasure trove of sculptural gems.

(Is there room for a "stupid fucking modern art" thread, or is that this one?)


She hits the nail on the head for about 2/3rds of the video, and then she goes completely overboard with praise for the end of fucking Revenge of the Sith. I'm sorry, I love Paglia, but no.
Be thankful you didn't have her as a college teacher, like I did. All I wanted to learn are the different character archetypes in TV shows and movies and how best to portray them in modern times. Instead, I get this. I feel stupid for not dropping the class sooner, but I needed it to graduate.
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