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While I do like chocolate, I always hated chocolate milk, ice cream, cake, or anything really "chocolate" flavored besides chocolate bars themselves.
Also, I very much prefer those cheap canned spaghetti than homemade, I think homemade tastes pretty bland.
Most chocolate is too sweet for my taste. For example I like a moderate amount of Nesquik powder that won't be too strong or too light that it's not too chocolatey, nor taste like drinking regular milk. It has to be right or no go!


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I never bought into the avocado hype. The trend is late passing/practically dead now but I was never crazed to try them when they began to get memed and appear in shops. I tried them with lime and well-salted but it was something I chose to never have again.

I'm aware that they have a high-fat content, are they just promoted by vegans who might use it to up their fat intake?
Yeah for me guacamole as a dip is lousy. It just comes off as bland and while I don't think Cilantro sucks I don't find it to be a valuable seasoning like Parsely is.

I find Avocados to be good in the form of a sandwhich topping as a healthier alternative to mayo. Really shines in a club sandwich.

Fun Fact: In the Philippines Avocado is considered a fruit and they make Ice Cream with it. Really shitty ice cream.


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(1) I don’t like tomatoes. (That is unless they are diced or made into a sauce.)

(2) Plain Milk (Dairy or vegan) is kind of disgusting, in my opinion.

(3) PB&J with grape jelly is a hellspawn of a sandwich. It’s like some kind of food orgy that should never be. I just don’t like the taste of grapes mixed with salt. Try Strawberry or Blueberry Jelly instead.

(4) I cannot imagine myself eating a pizza with nothing on it. While on the subject of pizza, I like pizza topped with pineapple, peppers, and/or onions.
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~ Love me a good pecan pie but one thing needs to change asap is the crust. Wrap bacon around it. Oh my Gosh! it'll make you come many times and never faking it.
~ Can't really eat rice of any kind without a sauce that goes with it or something else on the place. Like BBQ steak plus its juices create nice lil sauce for the rice. Can't stand plain ol rice. Barf. Plus it makes me extra thirsty and I am always thirsty so I don't need that shit in my life.
~ Pineapple, anchovies, mushrooms on a pizza make me wanna puke BUT i can eat either of the 3 on other dishes .
~ Peanut butter and onion is a delightful treat when drunk or hungover. Especially toasted or grilled..hell even over the fire pit if you know what you are doing that is
~ I love adding rum NOT whisky into my chilis. I couldn't bear wasting my whisky on that shit. Plus rum is more flavorful and can provide the extra spice if one isn't into super hot chilis with habernos, ghost peppers, and the like
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What do you even put jelly on? I know from your posts that you live in the UK and I've heard peanut butter and jelly isn't a thing outside of North America.
A slice of well-buttered toast, croissants, sometimes Yorkshire puddings, sometimes pancakes (what we call crepes) and well-buttered sandwiches (butter and jam on both slices of bread and slap them together).

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