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Anchovies are pretty good on a pizza, it's a shame most pizza joints don't offer it anymore.

Dry ramen crumbled up in the bag with the seasoning on them is a valid way to eat it.
I legitimately like anchovies in general. It's a running joke that they're gross but I find them vastly superior to tuna - they're more fatty so they taste better.


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Have any of you guys tried banana flavored milk? I did tried the premade in the bottle because I couldn't find the powder mix. It was tasty if you like bananas.
banana milkshakes are pretty good. same with lime, lime flavored milk is surprisingly good, its a peppermint milkshake type deal

beetroot is disgusting. the flavor is watery, the texture is just bad, it will stain your shirt. its the only thing I wont put on my subway.
spicy foods are overrated, if the spice is interfering with the actual flavor you are just eating for the sake of pain
avocado is also overrated, shits only good for one second before it rots and the cost is totally inflated
tacos are better as burritos or a taco bowl, hard to eat and the shell has little taste merit
sugary food is unsatisfying, most of us have sugar addictions but I get mine from drinks that burn your throat instead of chocolate bars that have you way too full and gross feeling for an hour
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I would never go out of my way to eat pizza, and even a really good pizza is still just okay.

Bread is the most underwhelming major carb and pasta isn't much better, rice or even potatoes are much more satisfying.


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I don't really get fried chicken and waffles. I always eat fried chicken with some level spice and getting it anywhere near maple syrup sounds mortifying to me. Probably why I don't like BBQ that much.
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Barbecue sauce is better with fries than ketchup.
I like my fries with a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. It's pretty popular in other parts of the world but for some reason isn't much of a thing in the US.

Poultry is always just poultry but pork includes ham and pork belly. Turkey and chicken are just turkey and chicken.
And it needs to be GOOD poultry, a lot of chicken and turkey white meat tends to be really dry and it's annoying as all fuck.


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You could eat spicy fried chicken WITH maple syrup. It's a surprisingly good flavor combination.
Nah, I'm with @AzuraAquafina on this one, sometimes contrasting flavours works (honey and mustard vinaigrette), sometimes they just clash horrifically, and I can't imagine the flavour of spicy fried chicken topped with Canadian Tree Sauce being nice.