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Ketchup and mayo is God Tier, fuck the police.

I like it on my burgers.
It's also a good way to partially neutralize the overwhelming sugars ketchups tend to have. I don't tend to use dipping agents for fries though; plain with salt (or seasoning) is all I need.
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Also hard pretzels with olive oil and worstershire sauce poured on them is the best thing ever
Worcestershire sauce... We Brits have strange pronunciations for some towns and cities so I'll help you out, it's spelt "Worcestershire" and pronounced "wuster shirr".
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Korean's take on spicy food is pure hot mess. Give me Thai or Mexican spicy food to wreck my gut with please. After my experience with balanced flavors in spicy food it's hard to go back to the one note spicy Korean food is known for.
But if you don't go to Kanrai every year how will you get 100% completion in Kamurocho?


But if you don't go to Kanrai every year how will you get 100% completion in Kamurocho?
Korean food is fine, it just lacks the variety in the spicier items. It has heat but not much else, in addition, Korean BBQ where I live is barebones even with the more expensive ones. Gyukaku runs circles around the mom and pop BBQ joints

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When I first got ordered by my doctor to change my diet to remove most fried and fast food, I thought it would be tortuous since that food is so tasty. But now that I actually feel a billion times better with this diet, I do not want to go back to my bad dietary ways. Replacing potato chips with veggie sticks as my munchie food when I smoke weed also helps. I am not 100% perfect in practicing this, but I practice it enough to notice a significant difference not just in my physical health, but in my mood as well.

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Love me a good pecan pie but one thing needs to change asap is the crust. Wrap bacon around it. Oh my Gosh! it'll make you come many times and never faking it.
Wait, like throw the bacon in the pan THEN fill it? Or is the pie crust supposed to be between those two?
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American food gets a bad rap that it absolutely does not deserve.
Food in the US has never been bad, but I think the reason why it gets a bad rap is that it's a combination of many other cuisines around the world, with English cuisine as its base + some Native American undertones (via some of the ingredients). There are very few particularly complex Native North American culinary traditions unlike in Mesoamerica, stemming from a lack of permanent urbanization & the more severe consequent cultural disruptions, and so the English just replaced the original cuisines with their own.

As such, there unfortunately never was a good unique national 'American' cuisine that arose on its own, aside from maybe fast food (which is again, a recombination and has a bad rap), while other genuinely interesting regional cuisines (i.e. New England, Californian, Southern, Creole) remain as specialty regional food.

Only shit Japanese restaurants that aren't even Japanese. If the restaurant looks like it has food Chinese restaurants usually have? Pass. Advertises any other kind of Asian cuisine in addition to Japanese? Pass. Has "dragon" in the name? Also pass. Buffet? Nope. Is it in a mall? Nope. "Hibachi"? NO.

If you want to get extra autistic the place should have daily seasonal fresh fish and cost minimum 3x as much as Chinese food, then it's maybe real Japanese.
I find that there tends to be three grades of Japanese restaurants in the West that often depend on their owners:
1.) Chinese-owned: Usually the cheapest, and the least Japanese. This is where you go to get your all-you-can-eat cheap shiny teriyaki chicken and salmon sushi.
2.) Korean-owned: These restaurants sit somewhere in the middle in terms of quality and price-range.
3.) Japanese-owned: The most authentic, and usually the most expensive.

As usual, there are exceptions to the rule in all cases. I honestly wonder if Korean-owned Japanese restaurants are often better than Chinese-owned places because of the similarities between some of their dishes and flavor palettes?

Anchovies are pretty good on a pizza, it's a shame most pizza joints don't offer it anymore.
Anchovies need something to balance the salty savoriness out, which is probably why most people hate them as a topping. I had an amazing anchovy + ricotta + zucchini blossom white pizza in Italy once, and it pains me that I was never able to find it again.

spicy foods are overrated, if the spice is interfering with the actual flavor you are just eating for the sake of pain
avocado is also overrated, shits only good for one second before it rots and the cost is totally inflated
tacos are better as burritos or a taco bowl, hard to eat and the shell has little taste merit
sugary food is unsatisfying, most of us have sugar addictions but I get mine from drinks that burn your throat instead of chocolate bars that have you way too full and gross feeling for an hour
Agreed on spicy foods- a light spiciness can enhance a dish, but when there's nothing but hot, there's no point to the rest of the dish.
Avocado honestly should be cheaper than it is, but I do really like its soft buttery fatty taste and texture, especially in sushi (sacrilegious, I know).
Agreed on tacos, bowls are just more satisfying in the end and easier to eat. I swear that you get less food out of taco pricewise anyway, and you can always pay for extra tortillas at any respectable Mexican place.
Sugary food in the US is gross because of the corn syrup which I think is probably the cause of the gross afterfeeling. Good chocolate bars occupy the perfect spot between the flavored sugar that's candy and the more substantial desserts like pies and cakes.

Barbecue sauce is better with fries than ketchup.
I find that it ends up tasting too sharp in some cases, so it would really be up to the sort of barbeque sauce there is.

Korean's take on spicy food is pure hot mess. Give me Thai or Mexican spicy food to wreck my gut with please. After my experience with balanced flavors in spicy food it's hard to go back to the one note spicy Korean food is known for.
TBH I am a fan of their red chile paste, especially when it's used for savory-sweet-spicy dishes like Tteokbokki.

I actually prefer some Vegan products to their non-Vegan counterparts. A lot of Vegan food is objectively bad but for whatever reason I've had a lot of good experiences at Asian Fusion restaurants with things like Tofu Pad Thai, Lentil Curry, Szechuan Eggplant, etc.
Crispy tofu Pad Thai is supreme and often cheaper than the garbage meats you get with restaurant stirfries IMO. A lot of Indian food is also exceptional vegan and vegetarian cuisine as well, and in all honestly, sauces and marinades can often carry a dish tastewise.

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine is best when it works off the merits of its original ingredients and doesn't try to ape something else (i.e. Impossiburgers, vegan cheese), which I suppose could be applied to many other things in life.
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Wait, like throw the bacon in the pan THEN fill it?
Cook the bacon first...not quite crispy. Strain some of the fat NOT ALL. than in another Pan lay the down from the tip of the top til the middle in a circular like fashion...and the rest is easy peasey to figure out. Depends on the oven but 350-400 for I don't half an hour..and just check on it. If its done its done if not give it maybe 5-10 more minutes. Shouldn't really take those extra mins though. Again depends on the oven and your judgement.


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I'm not really sure where to put this, but I bought some dried blueberries recently. I ordered them online so I didn't really get a chance to look at the ingredients.
Upon trying them, I noticed they were definitely sweetened, but also that the blueberry flavor was both stronger than expected as well as slightly "off" and artificial. Flipped the package over and sure enough, they have "natural flavor" added.
I'm positive they added more blueberry flavor to these dried blueberries and I'm absolutely appalled. The blueberries aren't good enough already? Needed more blueberry in them? What the fuck? The absolute state of American food. Everyone's palette is so fucked up that sugary, dried fruit needs more sugar and more fruit flavor.