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The first short of Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders is unironically a masterclass of children's horror fiction.

Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.
He's a genuinely talented actor. He's also insane, but then so are many great actors.
He is on the same category as Nicholas Cage. They are only capable of giving performances that are as interesting or intelligent as the screenplay demands from them. Leaving Las Vegas demanded a lot from Cage, and he was up to that task. Both of them are fucking insane people with a penchant for working at far beneath their potential.

Also, I hated the Christian Bale Dick Cheney movie. The mid-credits sequence made it clear that it was nothing more than a toothless provocation with great makeup effects.

Action Jackson is one of my favorite ‘80s action movies.

The Passion of the Christ should have been directed by HG Lewis. I would actually pay to see that. At least there would be no pretense in that case.

Horror movies have not gotten any worse over the last couple of decades. The 80’s had tons of bloodless slashers that are easily comperable to today’s PG-13 snoozefests.

Most of what Dario Argento directed was not very good. He made a couple of masterpieces, but he is more overrated than Tarantino.

I recently watched Peter Greenaway’s The Baby of Macon, and I thought it was a hilariously broad satire. Also, Greenaway’s pretension usually makes Lars von Trier look humble in comparison.

I think more people would have enjoyed Showgirls when it first came out if it had not been heavily marketed as a big budget soft porn.

Up is my personal favorite Pixar movie.

I generally enjoy either movies that are intended for for families, or movies that appeal strictly to adults. I really do not care much for most things in-between that area. I find that most PG-13 movies tend to either throw in a gratuitous F-bomb out of nowhere just to try to appear like they are edgier movies than they actually are, or they try to appeal to everybody and end up taking no creative risks whatsoever. The PG-13 rating had the unintentional consequence of killing most of the risk-taking R-rated market. Of course, this is not a perfect blanket statement, but it is a trend I have noticed.


Vincent Dawn
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Toys (1992) is probably my favorite movie.
It's certainly a fascinating train wreck. I watched it as a kid because I loved Robin Williams like everyone else and even then I didn't know if I enjoyed it or not. It's certainly unique to its credit. Worthy remake material I.E. taking those ideas and making an actual good movie out of it.


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It's certainly a fascinating train wreck. I watched it as a kid because I loved Robin Williams like everyone else and even then I didn't know if I enjoyed it or not. It's certainly unique to its credit. Worthy remake material I.E. taking those ideas and making an actual good movie out of it.
Once again unpopular opinion but I think that it's good, or better than a lot of people give it credit for. I think people take it way too seriously or want to make a mountain out of the film's ant hill, so to speak.

I love the world the film exists in. The design was phenomenal and I'm kind of pissed it didn't win the Oscar for design (it was nominated, Howards End won, bleh). Costumes were also cute.

I think its biggest crutch was appearing to be a very childlike, absurd, fantastical film, which it is (sometimes you are supposed to suspend disbelief for entertainment, but people want everything to be Citizen Kane), but there was a lot of adult content. That alienated a good portion of moviegoers. "Well, this isn't really for my kids to see since they throw curse words and there's implied sex." If they had removed the adultiness and geared it more towards younger audiences it would've been favored more. I mentioned this in conversation I had about this recently- the plot is basically a weird version of The Lion King.

I guess I'm just weird, or you have to be a special brand of person to enjoy it.

I don't really care about superhero movies or superheroes in general.

I like Ant Man, Batman is fine, and yeah, I guess I like the X-Men the best (I watched the animated series as a kid, Nightcrawler is my favorite).

But other than that IDGAF about the Avengers, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, or whoever. I've never seen Infinity War.

Do kind of want to see Spiderverse though.


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Heat (1995) is one of the worst movies ever made, with the worst shootout/chase scene ever, and anyone who enjoys it should be sterilized with a flaming spoon.
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I utterly despise the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Poe makes an "u mom" joke in The Last Jedi and everybody loses their minds, it's automatically the worst and most communist SJW movie of all time and literally DESTROYED the franchise. But in Guardians of the Galaxy we have this scene:

It's the most offensive, idiotic, retar.ded, gay, imbecile, repulsive, moronic, stupid, boring, unfunny and anticlimactic aborted shit in the whole history of humanity, but everybody loves it anyway!

The double standard Marvel gets is insulting for me. This movie - actually this entire series of movies - is GARBAGE, guys! Stop watching these aberrations already.


The Disney remakes just suck. I know it's not an unpopular opinion here, but damn, on Tumblr, youtube, other forums, they love the shit out of them. They make a buttload of money at the box office and they plague you everywhere you go.

But...Why? It's like eating cardboard. they're just empty, they recreate the original movies but without any of the spark and charm that the original films had. They cast bad actors or misuse good actors, and just use the cheapest costumes / effects. I don't understand Disney spergs that love the shit out of the original classics but also love these films.

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