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If it weren't for Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder would've been the worst non-spoof comedy of the '00s, including Delta Farce.

As is, it's merely of the same quality as Delta Farce, only with less respect for its audience's intelligence.

Credit where credit's due, though: "full exceptional individual" is a brilliant expression. It deserved origination in a film without Ben Stiller.


Freddy's Dead is a fun movie. It's stupid as fuck, but i find it entertaining because of that. Elm Street fans usually have a massive hate-boner for it.
When I was a kid I loved it! Still like it just not as much as the previous installments. The remake was also okay in my opinion.
Agreed, I'm a big fan of the Nightmare series and I like both Freddy's Dead and the remake. The worst film is Freddy's Revenge imo. I watched all the films multiple times EXCEPT for Freddy's Revenge.
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Agreed, I'm a big fan of the Nightmare series and I like both Freddy's Dead and the remake. The worst film is Freddy's Revenge imo. I watched all the films multiple times EXCEPT for Freddy's Revenge.
I'm a huge Nightmare fan as well. Probably my favorite horror franchise. I actually like Freddy's Revenge though. It's gay as fuck, but it still has it's moments.


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Black Beauty is getting a fucking remake and they're making it just like every other Hallmark Channel-y horse girl movie. It is basically Flicka.

Also, in the book Black Beauty, which is the horse's name, was a boy (stallion). It's a girl (mare) now, of course. Just like Flicka.

This is unnecessary.


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Jurassic Park is one of the most overrated movies I've ever seen. At least I can accept the flaws of something like the original Star Wars trilogy because it was something that had never been done before (science fantasy films for the masses). And I will always have fun watching movies from the Disney Renaissance (even though most of them aren't the masterpieces people tout them to be, except for Hunchback).

But I just cannot see the appeal of the Jurassic Park films. While the acting, cinematography, and score are top-notch, the characters and plot are objectively quite bland.

To see it have sequels really crushes my faith in humanity. I haven't seen the latest Jurassic World film, but I've certainly seen the other sequels. They're also...not so good.

EDIT: Also, Bumblebee sucked. The characters were bland. The 80s setting (and soundtrack) felt like forced pandering to moronic 80s kids. Overall, it felt like E.T. clone number #1,000,000.

SON OF EDIT: Isle of Dogs was extremely mediocre. What attempted character arcs there were felt rushed beyond belief.
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Sausage Party wasn't that bad. Trashy as fuck but I cackled through a lot of it and at the very least the animation was good.

*edit* I should mention that I went into the film expecting something even worse that Foodfight, so my expectations weren't very high!
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Drop Dead Fred is a quite good tale about someone trying to move on from their childhood, (I avoided this film for years because of Nostalgia Critic's review of it until I finally watched it last year)
Shock Treatment (the rocky horror sequel) has more memorable songs than Rocky Horror and its storyline is easier to follow
Charlie and the Chocolate factory was a good reboot of the original despite Johnny Depp's mediocre performance as Wonka
Peter Pan is a very outdated Disney film
The Greatest Showman isn't good

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I liked the psychologist scene at the end of Psycho. I'm a big fan of murder mysteries in general, so having someone explain why Norman Bates is who he is felt really satisfying. I understand why people don't, since it runs against the traditional horror ideal of the less you know about the killer the scarier he is and because the plot basically stops for five minutes, but given that Psycho is a more grounded movie than most horror movies, I liked the explanation since it felt similar to the denouement you usually get at the end of a murder show where the killer's motives are explained.
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