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Gina was the first character to make me aware of vocal fry. From then on it was all I heard when she spoke.

edit: @orelpuppington also I forgot, Superstore gets really lefty and virtue signally towards season 4, be aware. It didn't bug me much though as I was watching the final season of Orange is the New Black at the time, and it paled in comparison.
iirc the head writer left and it went downhill
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Having just finished it tonight

Power Rangers RPM is the worst season. Fuck people who jerk off to it because it is "DARK AND SERIOUS" tm.
That's a Disney Season. All Disney Power Rangers are the Worst Season.

Except RPM (as well as Ninja Storm) did get some old guard writers in it.

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Kirk and Luann (Milhouse's parents) from The Simpsons were better characters when they were apart than together. Sure they were really minor characters, but Kirk was more fun as a pathetic, unlucy single guy. Get re-married took away his personality.
His most memorable moments are all from when he got divorced anyway ("I sleep in a race car bed! What do you sleep in?" "I sleep in a big bed with my wife.")

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Dinosaurs: It was a good show, but Fran at times annoyed me. I know she was always right, but she did come off as a nag sometimes. The sex ed/mating dance episode would've been better if she appologized to her son for singling him out when she was teaching the class.
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The 07-08 writers' strike killed The Office US. The remaining episodes of Season 4 were hit and miss, but after that, the show became far too wacky and cartoonish. The moment where Dwight started a panic with his fake fire and somehow kept his job was where the show jumped the shark and never turned back. Steve Carell leaving obviously did the show no favors.

My Name is Earl was a good show, though the third season (where Earl spends an arc in prison, an arc in a coma, and an arc as a married man) was stupid.