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Unpopular Opinions about Video Games

Discussion in 'Games' started by punchabunch, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. I would've loved it if it wasn't so fucking hard.
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  2. I can sorta see why certain people would say that, mostly due to certain companies sacrificing game quality in exchange for trying to m ilk the consumer for more money. I'd say if they weren't careful, they could cause a large blowback.

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  3. The first Kingdom Hearts is the best one. The sequels aren't bad or anything, they just don't compare. The original game easily had the best story while everything after turned into a gigantic incoherent clusterfuck.

    Even in terms of gameplay I find it the best. People claim KH2 has the best combat, and it's certainly very flashy but it doesn't have the utility of the first game, like the dodge roll and the various action abilities you can unlock. Plus the magic in KH1 was awesome; spells had a lot of punch and you could easily wipe out groups of enemies while 2's magic was borderline useless. And the worlds in 1 relied on navigation and even light platforming, which helped them stand out. 2's worlds were certainly bigger but navigating them wasn't nearly as interesting.

    Also the gummi ship segments weren't that bad, and I legit think KH2's gummi ship aren't as good.
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  4. There was something magical about the first game that later games just didn't seem to recapture. Maybe it's just nostalgia talking though.

    I probably wouldn't have minded if KH1 ended where it did.
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  5. I find the Persona series too edgy and pretentious.
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  6. I agree the first one is best story wise, but I think BBS has the best game play.

    I think the boardgame minigame in BBS gets too much hate and is actually pretty fun.
  7. Mighty No. 9 was a pretty good game. The only things bad about it was a bullshit level design near the end of the ice level where you have to dash through a pit to get through the other side and you would slam to enemies and back to the instant-death pit because said enemies were previously off-screen, the grating lag throughout the mine stage (which is my favorite stage out of all the other stages but the lag is just sad), and the sub-par graphics. The DLC character, RAY, is miles better than the main character Beck, because she shows her playstyle is how the game is supposed to be played, despite her declining health fucking the player up in time to time.

    Both of the Mighty Gunvolt -especially Burst- games blow MN9 out of the waters, but I would like MN9 to get a sequel someday instead of crossover games, since a lot of sequels in various video games are miles better than the first due to the people working behind them are just starting out with the game mechanics themselves too. That, and the character designs on everyone are too good to waste.
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  8. N64-wanna be platformers are absolutely horrible. How can anyone look at Yooka Laylee's empty levels and go "Yeah, I'm 25 and would love to pick up random objects to maximize a counter and then stomp on a boss 3-4 times".

    Ironically I liked Mario Odyssey and the Crash remake, but they just felt more tightly packed. Mario still had some of those maps of just, I can tell what it'd look like in the program as they mapped it. Barebone.
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  9. This may be one of the reasons I like Persona 4 and Persona 5 much more than Persona 3. In P3, you just had Social Links to strengthen the Personas you fused and an Arcana-specific Persona if you maxed them out. In P4, you had that, plus if you Social Linked with characters in your party, their Persona evolved (for lack of a better word) to something stronger with the weaknesses of its first form gone when you maxed their S.Link out. In P5, every Confidant gave you some kind of benefit, party member or not, plus the basic good stuff from P3 and 4 and the Persona evolution feature from P4.
    tl;dr: S.Links in the later Persona games have slowly been polished up from clunky to helpful to absolutely awesome. Come at me, @Hui.
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  10. I was the same way, but somewhere it all became charming instead of irritating.
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  11. Destiny 1 is a good game. I never understood why people bitch about the story so much, who the fuck cares about a story in an MMO? We all know 90% of people would've skipped through the dialogue anyway. I'm aware the game had it's own problems that made me quit and not pick up the second one, but damn. Also lol @ people that cried about grimoire cards. You were not gonna read a bunch of fucking cards with a paragraph of random irrelevant lore if they were accessible in the game and you know it.
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  12. I like cheevos.... *sigh*
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  13. I really don’t think Other M is the clusterfuck everybody says it is. It’s story focuses far more on how Samus dealt with all the shit in Super Metroid, and that was a lot of shit. She lost her childhood home, and couldn’t save the one thing that she felt a genuine connection to, and saved her ass from a giant brain dinosaur. You don’t just walk away from that, and as a result, is more clingy to people from her past and listens to them far more, out of fear that defying them could either get them hurt, or killed.
    Even the Ridley encounter makes some sense, Samus is no stranger when it comes to PTSD, it was a big part of the 2002 Manga (which are considered canon). Even then, in nearly every game, there is some reason to believe that Ridley will show up sometime.
    Zero Mission: The robot at the end implies the Space Pirates found Ridley’s remains, and were working on reviving him.
    Prime 1: Shot to the Chest and falls off a cliff. No confirmed corpse.
    Prime 3: We still see no remains of Ridley, he could have escaped somewhere.
    Samus Returns: The Space Pirates could discover that the Federation is exterminating all Metroid, and would probably send someone to stop her, and sent Ridley.
    Super: Samus had just fought Ridley, and was still prepared mentally to face Ridley on the offhand that he’s still alive, where he either toys with Samus, or is morally wounded and flies away. In the next fight, we see pieces of him fall apart, and then the planet he was on explodes. There should be no coming back from that.
    Fusion: Samus sees the X take the remains of Ridley, and had enough time to prepare herself mentally in case she fights an X-infested clone of Ridley.
    Other M: Comes right out of nowhere, after he blew up, and then the planet he was on blew up, and in a place that didn’t make sense, catching Samus off-guard for maybe a minute. But the boss fight itself was awesome.
    I never even had that much of a problem with the controls, sure the D-pad takes some getting used to, but it wasn’t anything I had an overall issue with.
    But it certainly ain’t the big masterpiece MovieBlob and Blobson says it is.
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  14. 8 bit art styles look lazy and I'm glad the "8 bit retro style indie platformer" trend is waning
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  15. I don't like the recent trend in E-Sports of Franchised Leagues, those include the Overwatch League, League of Legends's NA LCS, and the Smite Pro League, all being franchised. Those leagues have a high buy-in amount for teams to get in, ($20 million for OWL teams, and $10 million for NA LCS teams) which narrows the amount of teams that could even make it into those leagues. Also, with teams remaining the same, the fear that a team will just coast along, just for the sake of a paycheck, ala the Cleveland Browns, is there. And them trying to emulate franchised sports leagues feels off and forced, compared to E-Sports in the past where it grew on it's own, without multi-millions in funding from various sponsorships, or even rich people just wanting to own a team, in the case of some Chinese E-Sports teams.
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  16. 8bit is the laziest of lazy
    don't get me wrong, there are games with good pixel art and\or retro look
    but 9/10 it's because someone can't be arsed to draw something better
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  17. i agree. though, the reason people do this is because they don't have the resources to be able to do 16 bit or 3d. personally, i wish we had more 16 bit and 34 bit indie games. that's where the bit style shines.
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  18. Haven't read whole thread so I don't know if theres' anyone else that has the same opinion, but Skyrim is one of the shittiest games I have ever played. Whoever thinks that this lazy product that somehow was worse than the previous in the series in just about everything, is good needs to get their head checked. I hate this game with all my being, and I hate that this is the only thing the fandom talks about. Anything related to the Elder Scrolls will be filled with Skyrim only casual furries that talk about their edgy OC, and I despise it.
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  19. Never played Skyrim, but I hold the same opinion about Morrowind. Elder Scrolls spazzes recommended it to me and my best friend; we loaded it up, charged in with a spear ready to kill some monsters...
    And nearly got our shit kicked in because of a fucking grub. When you see your halberd go right through a little worm thing that should have died in one hit, and it's beating your ass to a pulp, something is very wrong. If you're going to make a 3D game, make some motherfucking hitboxes, don't put everything on an accuracy stat that you never explain!
    If you're wearing armor, which is the logical thing to do, you move like a damn turtle.
    The food you find doesn't restore HP, it restores "fatigue." Another thing that is never explained. Some things you can eat, like rat meat, actually drop your health. What idiot thought that useless items were a good idea?!
    All of these are problems we ran into in the first twenty minutes. We called in the Uninstall Fairy and felt much better.
    *braces for :autism: ratings*
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  20. Having started with Oblivion and trying Morrowind without having played it when it first came out I found it hard to play and kind of too clunky. I just never took that time to get used to it and was turned off for some of the same reasons you were.
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