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It's a shame every time an MMO dies. I never once thought about getting back on Wildstar for years but the fact that it's impossible now is kind of upsetting.

In the case of MMOs, private servers are generally your go-to when either the game doesn't exist anymore, or it's in a later expansion. I played WoW's Burning Crusade expansion on a private server for a couple of months in late 2017 and had a good time. It was crawling with bot accounts, but it was something.


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Hoenn fans are far more obnoxious and autistic than the Kanto genwunners. At least Kanto fans didn’t freak out over an IGN review.

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Games should have stayed socially unacceptable and unpopular among the masses because we got better games and had to wade through less meaningless academic bullshit. Now we have to deal with every two-bit normie fucktard and idiotic trannies throwing tantrums about fucking everything and never. shutting. the. fuck. up.

I'll take the days where games were for only loser virgin nerds over this whine fest and hand wringing of weak, mentally invalid, hypocritical, individuals.

I'm going to drop a real hot take, Mass Effect 3 with EGM and such is the best in the series.
You still need an ending mod for it.

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Is that really an unpopular option? I thought even most of the games fan base acknowledged that.
In the R6 community, it's more of ubisoft's unsurprising incompetence and the fact a new bug or exploit comes out, it was a generally more popular opinion say early 2016 when the game was far buggier. Doesn't really excuse for the fact the barebone game mechanics are extremely basic, no sort of accuracy penalties for moving too much, boring gunplay that lacks compared to many other FPS games, and the attachment system is extremely bland. I seriously can't wrap my mind around how this game is held to a high regard like Counter-Strike or SWAT when it's clearly more like Call of Duty.


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Battle Royal is a boring genre in gaming currently and the big games from it currently are the same game just re-skinned with slightly better fighting mechanics and graphics.
You are literally wandering around aimlessly in a big ass map normally consisting of fuck all and only win basically if you are lucky enough because you landed next to a weapon or waited long enough to allow everyone else to kill each other or kill you by sniping you halfway across the map.

It takes about as much skill as waiting for your grandmother to die to inherit their will and it feels just as painfully long as it too.

It is literally a game genre without the internet or player base it is a trash fire made to burn your money in because once those servers go down those games are unplayable.