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I'm kinda in the same vein. I always looked more forward to the Justice Friends and Dial M For Monkey segments than the actual Dexter shorts. Didn't dislike the show, but it was always kind of a "I'm just here until something better comes on" kind of show.

The one segment I did really like is when he and his friends are playing D&D, Dexter is an asshole DM, gets booted out and replaced by Dee-Dee.
What episode of DL is it when Dex is punched in the face by a male bully wearing a toboggan behind him when he has to serve detention at school?


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Showing bottom teeth at all seems kinda pointless to me.
I feel the only times the bottom teeth should be shown are:
- when a character's gritting their teeth/baring toothy grin
- character's at the dentist
- a lip-sync animation that requires both rows of teeth for a frame or two.

Otherwise, it's overly pointless, moreso since the only row you usually see in real life when talking to people is the upper row.
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I think Scooby-Doo's one of those things that's only really relevant in current internet fueled culture from:

A. Porn.

B. The Scooby Gang's appearences in stuff like Johnny Bravo or those bumpers where they're all in one city.

C. Other, more recent works, that subvert or parody the old show.

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My point is that just because something was done in the comics, that doesn't automatically make it good. The most common defense I hear for making the new Spider-Man black is, "Well, he was black in the comics!" Cool! That doesn't make it any less PC-pandering, especially when the Marvel constantly gets lambasted for pandering to PC libtards in their comics (case in point: Iron Heart). The way I phrased my argument was a play on the old "if X person jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?" that is often used to counter such whataboutisms.
I'm not even going to apologize for being late.

Fuck you, spiderverse was amazing.

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I've found most vintage cartoon historians to be quite arrogant, I wouldnt mind it if they kept it to their websites but I'm not buying a book to read about how X cartoonist was a hack. Some dont even know a thing about other animation mediums (but can tell you the specific time a specific Disney animator had a specific meeting.

These days cartoon characters cant look ahead or behind anymore, just 3\4ths, either with their eyes to the side or bootleg Simpsons eyes. No one designs for full rotations anymore unless if they work with CGI.

The Looney Tunes show wasnt bad for not being super faithful to the old stuff, it was just bad. But at least it was different, it wasnt a zombie.

Toy Story 3 was just Brave Little Toaster, but with weaker writing.

I never really found Ren and Stimpy all that funny, just gross.


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Very unpopular opinion but I wish Bojack Horseman had kept more of it's humor. Season one was too wacky and 5-6 had few if any jokes, in favor of dark drama like 95% of the time. Seasons 2 and 3 did a really good job balancing humor with the heavier stuff.

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The Fuct of Pepsi-Man
We've already been through this...
Not terribly productively.

...do you hate the movie because he's black or what?
Are you willing to entertain the idea that a character's race can ever be legitimate grounds for criticism? Because if not then I don't think that there's any point in carrying this discussion any further with you.
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Are you willing to entertain the idea that a character's race can ever be legitimate grounds for criticism? Because if not then I don't think that there's any point in carrying this discussion any further with you.
Alright, why do you not care for the movie?

Cyril Sneer

The Fuct of Pepsi-Man
Alright, why do you not care for the movie?
Here's the short version.

1: Not a fan of multi-verse stories (lazy and decadent writing, IMO).

2: Not a fan of either Miles or Spider-Gwen's character concepts ("What if Spider-Man was Black?‽"/"What if Spider-Man was a Girl?‽). 15-20 years ago that sort of thing would have been firmly confined to one-shots in the actual What If? title.

3: Not a fan of the implicit-bordering-on-explicit "white replacement" aspect to Miles as a character in relation to Peter, which Lord and Miller (I would assume unintentionally) basically doubled down on, not only retaining the "Miles replaces Peter after Peter bites the big one" thing from the comics (after oh-so-conveniently getting bitten by a random radioactive spider; damn things are practically an infestation these days) but then compounding it by bringing in washed-up "Peter B. Parker" to act as Miles' and Gwen's mentor, which plays into the idea that "The Future is Female (and Black), Bigot!" but don't you stale, pale males dare go gently into that good night without mentoring and legitimizing the appropriation of your legacy by the up-and-coming black/female future-types (risk of getting Me-Too'd by the latter notwithstanding). Conclude with Miles as the new, improved Spider-Man, having manifested new abilities whilst taking possession of his deceased predecessor's name, job, power-set, costume (or a pointedly black variant thereof) and, if the rumors about the proposed sequel hold any water, original girlfriend.

Brickleberry was decent.
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