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Luscinia Hafez

Any music you just plain hate but everyone else likes?

I, for one, hate Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jessica Simpson (SHE FUCKING CAN'T SING WORTH SHIT!), Avril Lavigne, Justine Bieber (Who DOESN'T hate him?), One Direction, Beyonce, Ke$ha, and any rap music made after 2003 that isn't by Eminem, and Red Hot Chili Peppers' stuff from Californication on (The older stuff is good). There's a bunch of other music I'm currently too lazy to list.


Luscinia Hafez

DrChristianTroy said:
I don't hate Justin Bieber. Don't like his music but his current self destruction has been hilarious to watch.
I don't get the fuss over him smoking weed. It's not like he's robbing banks or shooting people! He's not driving drunk or taking bath salts and eating people's faces off.

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CatParty said:
DykesDykesChina said:
I think the Beatles are overrated. They weren't terrible but not the geniuses they're often made out to be.

totally overrated. i almost hate them. only because it causes such an uproar with some people when i say "they're okay" and not act like i am being by god when i hear their music.
I like to tell people that Chuck Berry is much better and they ripped him off anyway.


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Luscinia Hafez said:
Justine Bieber (Who DOESN'T hate him?)
Here's an unpopular view for you then: I don't hate him. I'm not a fan of his music or anything, but I don't hate him.

Why the ever loving heck do people hate him so much, anyway? Any why do people express such unhealthy hatred in public with such enthusiasm?

Is it because he's one of the "THE DOWNFALL OF GOOD MUSIC!!11!"s? This goes beyond Nostalgia Filter. Everyone remembers the good music from fifty years ago because it was good in the first place. The musical world wasn't made up of Sinatras or Elvises back then or anything.

Is it because it's cool and rebel to speak out against him? You know, the reason you see all the "I'm 13 and I think Mozart is better than Justin Bieber." that always get voted as the top comment. Mozart was a literal prodigy who majorly influenced the era of Classical music. I don't think there's a question of which artist is composed of more substance. Would anyone even know about Bieber beyond all this irrational hate for him?

Now, there are of course understandable reasons not to like him, like your little sister plays his music nonstop, his voice annoys you or you just plain don't think his music is very good. However, it has somehow become acceptable to say you hate him personally/and or would like to see him devoured by and slowly pooped out by rabid wolves. What does it honestly boil down to? Hype Backlash? Envy (he was found by accident or something)? He's girly looking? Moral disagreement with his popularity despite what you have deemed as lack of talent? Anyone who honestly hates him, I'd really like to know. I don't know much about the guy other than he's the newest teeny bopper idol and it's really popular to pick on him.


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Justin Beiber once a humble, albeit obnoxious Canadian child has begun the child-star descent into little asshat douchebag.
What bothers me most about child stars - especially today - is that most continue their path into after-school special territory where they get egos that are too big for their own good, start acting out, and then have their little fall from grace and eventually into obscurity. It amazes me that the exploitation machine still chugs on the way it does, and how terrible parents will push their kids into the spotlight for easy money.
And you know, I don't think I've ever heard a Justin Beiber song, but I hate the concept of Justin Beiber; I'm sure somewhere he's crying into his piles of money and blow because of this.

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Fialovy said:
I never understood why people have such an aversion to Nickelback, they aren't THAT bad guys. Sure, they are a little samey, but they aren't THE worst either. Infact, I actually well... LIKE some Nickelback songs.
I used to be obsessed with them when I was like, 10. Then I realized they're a really generic rock band with a lead singer who's a total douche. That and I don't agree with a lot of their lyrical themes lately like, "I wanna get drunk, do drugs, get fucked, and be in an awesome band like Nickelback," or, "fuck yeah, let's drink fucking whiskey, get fucking drunk, burn down some fucking fucker's house, and write a song about it," and I'm especially not a fan of, "LERK AT DIS PHOOOOOTOGRAPH!" They're not the worst band in the world or anything, but they're definitely not anything unique. Although I do like to play along with people and chastise others for listening to Nickelback because chastising people for their taste in music is, frankly, hilariously immature.


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Whenever my friends and I go to a bar, we always drop a few dollars at the electronic jukebox. One of the first songs we choose is Photograph. Then we relish in how confused and angry the other patrons get as we sing along in our best growly voices.

...Then we play good music to make up for our behavior. :I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME:


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I don't dislike Jessica Black. Friday is a God awful, piece of shit song, but that's more the fault of whoever wrote the lyrics. Honestly, I don't think she's that bad of a singer and she definetly didn't deserve all the death threats.


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Saney said:
I don't dislike Rebecca Black. Friday is a God awful, piece of shit song, but that's more the fault of whoever wrote the lyrics. Honestly, I don't think she's that bad of a singer and she definitely didn't deserve all the death threats.

And yeah, it should have been obvious that she didn't write Friday.

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