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Wow, the Williams clan did something half right. Good job. Still would have loved to see Norma’s “side of the story”.

Also good job threatening the Reaction channels, Amber. You and your direct line with youtube.

With this logic, Amber should upload tons of content against Adsense TOS so the reaction channels reupload them and get taken down.

Whoever said Amber was gonna disappoint because that’s what she does best... :drink:
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da haydurs are at it again *rubs hands together*
meh. This video is basically
"she has CANCER she doesn't need the STRESS"
becky's mom is gunna upload a video... eventually.... but she 2 sick
true fans tell her to ignore the hate and she thinks that's guud advice and she thinks they are right
more "omfg she has CANCER u guys stop with the hadur shit its RUMORS"
she only deleted the video 'cause youtube told her too - and shes thankful to the TRUE fans that pointed that out (:
and youtube was shockedddd that people make reaction channels on her amber suggest you should delete them (:
but she's NOTTTTT going to be talking about this anymore because advice from her fans and there is 2 many rumors.
love u tru fans


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Amber said:
as you guys know there is just a lot of false rumors going on right now
Amber said:
most of the things that you hear online is not true a big part of this is the whole scamming situation
Get rekt, TrollLynn.

Amber said:
there are people who are literally saying Becky's mom doesn't even have cancer that's insane that is crazy that is not something that you lie about
People have been lying about having cancer on the internet for the last 20 years, if not longer. What rock does this pig live under? :story:
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update - 9/16/2019 (Day 90 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- No intro, just straight to the LAHs

- Same outfit as yesterday seen in SnapChat, just "rolled out of bed and put it right back on".

- So emotionally and MENTALly drained. She doesn't even WANT to film this.

- Claims there's "a lot of false rumors". She feels horrible for "everyone involved, especially Becky's mother" (then maybe Norma shouldn't have been starting portions of that shit?)

- Norma has surgery tomorrow.

- Oh, claims people are "believing things that fit the entertainment that they want"? Just more blathering that it's "not real". No proof, just words.

- "Nothing in the video that me and Becky uploaded was a scam." SHE JUST SAID WHAT SHE WAS TOLD TO SAY.

- Pretty sure nobody's actually been claiming Norma DOESN'T have cancer...

- She claims she didn't have a video planned because she thought Norma was going to be filming something for her to upload. Guess that didn't happen. Norma was "too sick" to do that. Oh, AND there was "advice" given to NOT have Norma make video content to share on the channel. (Maybe because she's a bigoted hateful person?)

- "If you guys tell me you want me to die, it's like 'yes'." (REALLY? Miss SuicidalLynn who just spent a 15-minute video crying about all the hateful comments about her?)

- "Do not believe rumors." (Go fuck yourself, Hamber.)

- Admits the YouTube policy violations - restating all of the nonsense she posted on the Community page, claiming she's done this for 6 years and somehow never knew about that rule. Right. Still asking people to not re-broadcast her video she took down because YOU COULD GET IN TROUBLE TOO. Long fucking blather about that shit.

- "I will no longer be talking about this" *Internet adds it to the list of HIGHLY REQUESTED content*

Again, the only "false rumor situation" she keeps bringing up is people claiming Norma DOESN'T have cancer. Nothing so far about the INSURANCE part of things that make the MONEY BEGGING GFM pretty much the scam that it is. Nothing about people GETTING REFUNDS and pulling out of the GFM.

(She really doesn't want to gamble with the recent comments that have been on her newest videos.)



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If she never talks about it ever again, then it will go away, right? Right?

Amber's out:
01:45 what me and Becky said in the video we
01:48 uploaded was a scam everything that was
01:52 relayed to me to say in that video was
01:56 what I was told to stay in that video

01:58 you know it's just like there are people
02:01 who are literally saying Becky's mom
02:03 doesn't even have cancer

Only superspeds think she doesn't have early stage cancer. The rest of us regularspeds know this is a money grab from a trashy con who won't even use her own name as the beneficiary.

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The Farms have been down all day I don't have the patience for her bullshit right now.

I don't know if Becky's mom has cancer. However, I really don't care if there's one less white-trash thumb monster generator wandering the earth, so take that how you will.

I hope you get dysphagia you useless bitch, it's the only thing I can think of that might actually cause you some level of suffering.

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She's pretending all the blow back is people saying Norma doesn't have cancer (which no one is, apart from possibly the speddiest of speds) because it's easier to discuss and disprove than it is to deal with any of the actual issues people have with this scam she's inserted herself into. Chantal did the same thing with her recent psych ward racism drama. These uberfats all copy each other.


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Well, that cleared all THAT up...now moving on to other things, here's my vat of rice with green olives mookbong and 6 Torrid hauls.....

FatAl had to get in that she only said what she was TOLD to say just in case it becomes necessary to slide the Thumbfam under the bus,,,