update | june 2 2020 06/02/20 -

She thinks her blood tests look RULLY BAD. She's TURRIFYED. Did not elaborate.

I'm betting she's overreacting just like with the D&C. Not saying she's healthy but ehh
She's waiting to see how bad NigNogNorma's condition is, so she can calibrate her test results to just the right amount of MUR TURRIBLER so Neckster chooses her slimy cunt over the one she came out of

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Her hair looks incredibly dry and greasy at the same time, the color is sooo dull (bad nutrition despite the hoards of food? I'm shook)...

anyway, She's working hard to put a show on about her mentuls and fears about bloodwork for manipulating haydur nation and the thumb butler.

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Here is a recap because autism
  • welcum to my coochie ketchup update
  • thiis is my brekfast: 3 hard boyald ayygs with sum tap-ah-tee-tyo and gaytorade
  • beck-ee and i hav 2 leave 4 fam-lee e-mer-gen-cee
  • anyways, these ayygs are more importin
  • my pussy still hurt
  • my pussy still bleed
  • my pussy hurts to sit
  • my pussy hurts in car
  • appointmint with gynosurjin
  • another 1 with dokter beecuz my blood work is rilly, rilly bad
  • mah blood work looks more badder evree time I look at it
  • i look bedder than i feel
  • biopsy rissalts are terrifyeen
  • u saw photo, it bad
  • shud get biopsee result this week (by Thursde)
  • i still hav gloo on mi
  • my vein still is hard and totally visible (lmao should we tell her)
  • it hurt so i will not cleen it
  • im uploadeen videos bcuz i hav hospital bill and house
  • im haveen tuff tyme
  • i want to b out marcheen for them blakks
  • goodbi