Money (Updated 6/1/2016) Chris spent $100 on Transformers, five days after begging for money

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Jul 28, 2015
Update : Chris spends even more money on Transformers

screenshot-www ebay com 2016-05-30 22-48-09.png

Purchase history on the listing:
screenshot-offer ebay com 2016-05-30 22-50-31.png

Chris said:
Gonna need some more donations around here, to help out. Get some more food around here... My mom loves to eat bananas. Quite serious about that. And we could do better- better- better on food as well. Otherwise we end up just... hmm, we're not gettin' everything we n- need nutritionally.

Marvin has mentioned in this post that Chris knowingly exaggerates his financial problems to get people to donate to him.
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