Money (Updated 6/1/2016) Chris spent $100 on Transformers, five days after begging for money -

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I'm really curious how Chris's toy spending works, whether he has a specific list of things that he wants to buy that he then buys one by one when he knows he can afford it,, or if he just sees something online and immediately buys it on impulse. I'd assume it's the latter but he has to have some level of self control or he would just keep buying and buying toys until he is six feet in debt.
I think you're conflating two separate issues. How Chris decides what to buy, and how Chris decides when to buy.

The former very well maybe impulsive. The latter definitely isn't.

For example, someone decides to go to lunch, they might not have a place in mind where they want to go. It's an impulse. But the decision of going to lunch in the first place is not impulsive. Chris is the same way.

Chris very consciously considers "hmm, I have $X to last me for the next two weeks... if I eat more mcdonalds and only buy from the dollar store..." Chris lives cheaply as shit, very intentionally, to maximize his toy buying potential. Just, y'know, without working too hard.


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I have an idea for the mods. Feel free to ignore it, but i thought I might as well suggest it. A few times in the past, announcements have been made by the mods about this or that, directed at I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME, trolls, or members in general.

Despite Chris' shitty management of his finances, people keep donating to him. How about an official announcement/thread with links to all relevant info (Chris' begging videos, Chris' meaningless purchases, issues with buyers on eBay and Etsy, etc) aimed at potential donators and customers so they are fully informed (and warned) before giving Chris one penny. I'm sure a few people will still want to waste money on Chris, but I think one announcement along with an official thread, would have all needed information, and a well-placed warning, in one spot.

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We all know what happens to alien spies.
He probably had his q-sands for the day, and used the leftover money in his bank account on the little things.
Like $100 in Transformers.
He needs that NOW NOW NOW. Who knows when he'll be hungry again? He'll cross that bridge when he gets to it.

Jesus Christ, there are literally 20 year old internet memes now.
Send him a free munky trukk and fufill the meme prophecy:epik:


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This is going to become a pattern. Chris is going to do one of his 'Let's Plays' followed by an e-begging video and then polish it off by purchasing some dumb thing he doesn't need in excess of fifty bucks. He knows how this system works and it's the greatest amount of payoff with the least amount of work; the first time when Chris played Destiny he made 80$ from Youtube(And was surprisingly pissed it was that small, fuck that, I want eighty bucks from Youtube). Then he makes a video whining about how he needs more money and lo and behold, he gets even more~! If anything people are contributing to his float and that convinces him he can get away with being frivolous that much more.


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I'm surprised how someone as sex-obsessed as Chris is, he doesn't blow all his load on ugly ass backpage escorts.
He had sex once and was like "hey, that was fun! but not $200/throw fun..."

He wants sex. He just thinks he can get it regularly for about the price of lunch at mcdonalds, if he figures out the right cheat codes to use on the ladies.

He wants sex, but he'll be damned if he has to pay for it. That's lego money he just can't part with, not after all the hard work of begging and sitting on his ass he had to do for it.

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I don't like to make new threads for each purchase, but 6 things showing up at once in his history got to me.

This is just the sellers that left feedback only after he paid. There might be others who are waiting until he leaves feedback (that will take a while) to leave feedback themselves. These purchases were all made around 9:30pm on the night of the 31st.

This is *after* the previous item , which was $100 on a single Transformer purchase:

In order, we've got
Protectobot Groove, $40

Sky Lynx / Sky Reign, $35

Wheeljack, $14

Hound, $14

Smokescreen, $14

Trailbreaker, $14
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