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I fixed some of the original problems with the Dnatureofdtrain OP and rewrote it to make it more coherent. If mods or Kiwis can provide feedback, then it would be appreciated.

I also give mods permission to add shit, or edit to the OP, because I do personally believe that she has the potential to be an A+ cow from experience with her, and the more people adding and fixing the thread, the better the quality.



I've decided to take a crack at an updated OP. PM me if there's something that should be changed/fixed.

Kailyn Marie Wilcher, aka ForeverKailyn and most recently MsKailynMarie, is a Youtube beauty ‘guru’ hailing from Bowie, Maryland. Notable for her questionable skills and internet drama, she was first brought to the attention of the Farms by @AtroposHeart (the original OP of this thread) and @sparklemilhouse (via the Obscure Laughingstocks thread).

It’s heavily speculated that she was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which eventually led to her mother Lisa pulling her out of public schooling and taking charge of her education. Lisa also has never told her daughter of her possible condition, as she seems to want to keep up an appearance of normality in the household. Unfortunately, this has all led shaped Kailyn in a negative way. She has never held down a proper job, instead focusing on her 'career' full-time. Her lack of a higher level of education than 6th grade has also led to an inability to pronounce certain words.


One of her more recent scandals involved a friend of hers. In October of 2013, she and then-husband Matt initiated a threesome with ‘A’ when she was (by Kai’s own admission) “too drunk to chew her food”. A called the police, and Kai and Matt were taken into separate police cars while being questioned about the event. However, A decided not to pursue the charges any further, and they were presumably dropped.

After one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and another in abortion, Kailyn gave birth to baby Gracie via induced C-section around June 29, 2014. Kailyn herself confirmed that Lisa had “allowed” this pregnancy to come to term because she believed that Kai and Matt would finally become responsible adults after their daughter was born. However, Grandma’s hopes were quickly dashed. While she claims to love and tend to her daughter’s needs, Kai was confirmed to have gone shopping while Gracie was in the NICU days after the birth (Kailyn was released earlier than Gracie, though she did have a pinched/stretched nerve during this time). In addition, many of the clothes and toys that are bought for baby Gracie seem to only crop up whenever her detractors call her out on being a neglectful mother.

She's also had nude photos leaked in the past (and as recently as 2015), but some of them have been posted in this very thread, and I don't want the OP to run too long ;).

Some highlights from her Youtube life:
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I've decided to take a crack at an updated OP. PM me if there's something that should be changed/fixed.
From the perspective of a semi-outsider, I think it's a good write-up. I've only known bits and pieces about her, and it's always weird showing up late in a thread without knowing big stuff, like "whatever happened with her, and that rape accusation?" It's enough for me to start following the thread. That said, I can't say if it leaves anything out or not.

Has she ever made any money off her makeup guru gig? If so that would be worth menti- oh wait... Hasn't she wasted thousands of dollars on the cheapest makeup around? And begged money for the baby? That's worth mentioning, I think, if what I'm remembering is true.


Has she ever made any money off her makeup guru gig? If so that would be worth menti- oh wait... Hasn't she wasted thousands of dollars on the cheapest makeup around? And begged money for the baby? That's worth mentioning, I think, if what I'm remembering is true.
The post does leave out a bit. I know no shit is too minor on the Farms, but I didn't want to veer too much off topic in an OP that's supposed to be concise and informative.

For example, it was stated that Kailyn or her mother (or both) abused AdSense to the point where YouTube has banned her from using it at all, so she can't monetize her current videos. I'm not sure if she ever e-begged on Gracie's behalf, but I doubt it since it would make her look like a less than stellar mother.

Also, her spending habits probably shouldn't be documented on their own (though she's literally spent thousands at Sephora alone while shopping Walmart for Gracie), but since she's going through divorce proceedings, it may be worth mentioning that her spending Matt's paychecks from Walmart almost as soon as he cashed them once caused quite a stink between them.

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“Hello. This is Evangelist Doctor Robert L McKim Senior, from Carrolton Ohio.”

There are a number of things that make Bob interesting.
  1. He authored the sprawling memoir Going Through the Fires of Life with Jesus: My Near Death Experience with Prophetic Dreams
  2. He's an avid amateur CB radio operator, a relic from a pre-internet/cellphone age.
  3. Similarly, he's a member of REACT and Skywatch, two outdated disaster preparedness organizations.
  4. He's a big fan of televangelists Jim Bakker and Paul Bagley.
  5. He lives welfare check to welfare check, in a state of perpetual poverty.
  6. He doesn't like Donald Trump.
  7. He's got a deep love of, and perhaps an obsession with, pork products.
  8. He sees signs of the Second Coming everywhere! APOCALYPSE BACON!https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/blible-png.79193/
  9. He has his own set of Autism Papers!
  10. Bob is beset by plethora of medical problems- diabetes, scoliosis, bad knees, a reading disability, some sort of gastrointestinal thing that destroyed his teeth, and a severed nerve in his face. And probably more things I can't think of right now.
  11. He has a law firm on retainer!
  12. He has an IQ of 91. (see Autism Papers!)
  13. He holds a doctorate in religious studies from The Universal Life Church (founded in 1969, often referred to as an ordination mill) and this is a source of immense pride and validation.
  14. He was arrested for threatening the mayor, and his parents were the ones to drop a dime on him.
  15. He claims to be straight, but several enthusiastic bisexual dalliances call this assertion into question.
  16. He's an evangelist preacher, with an apocalyptic warning for sinners and non-believers! "We are living in The Last Days, People!"
  17. Finally, he considers it his life's calling to be God's living emissary on earth, referring to himself as “God's Prophet” and “The Chosen One!”
A good Robert L McKim video delivers generous helpings of repetition, anger, redundancy, TMI, and medical horror. This is his best one to date, IMO. Really, the only classic ingredients missing from this video? A religious rant, and long stretches of viewer boredom.

This one starts off loud, so make sure your speakers are okay.
Severely! Severely! Severely! Severely!

Rene is McKim's significant other, and she has pitiable assortment of medical obstacles, far too numerous to list or remember. Epilepsy is a big one, so's Cerebral Palsy. She's had several incidents with infections (cellulitis) as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (her reclining chair is practically a toilet at this point).
Also, though Bob refers to her as his wife, they're not actually married, for the increased government benefit$ they receive.

If you like (or don't mind) gross crap, then here's some literal gross crap for your enjoyment! My notes say this video isn't worth watching past 2min, unless you want to hear more about Rene's vast catalog of medical ailments.
Other random things about Rene: She's got some hippie, new-age leanings: She was sexually promiscuous enough (allegedly insatiable) that her mom and stepdad paid to have her tubes tied in her early 20s: She does a pretty good job of bossing Bob around, so you shouldn't think of her as totally helpless: She's got about 30 email addresses, twitter accounts, and facebook pages that we know of- because she's always losing passwords, and forced to abandon old accounts.


Like any other good Summer Movie Blockbuster, Bob's adversaries can be more interesting to watch than he is.

“You will never be as... perfect as Christian Weston Chandler!”
CWC & Clyde Cash – These low-effort, 3rd-world-imagination wieners somehow managed to fumble onto McKim's g-spot before prematurely splooging themselves; religious persecution! He's absolutely in love with the idea that Christine Weston Chandler, and her LGBT fiance Clyde Cash, have hijacked his “McKim Beacon Light Ministries” page, in retaliation for his refusal to perform their same-sex wedding ceremony. This one has really captured his imagination, as he's been fixated on it for the better part of two months now. “God will judge you, Christian Weston Chandler!”
ProTIP- skip over the parts where he reads! Also, be sure to see 8m in, and check him talking about John Andrews! RLM identifies him as patient zero of The Haters. Also, at 14:08 "I will STRANGLE that Clyde Cash!"

"You're a bully... And you probably don't even hob-nob with The Princess, in Thailand!
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Clyde and Christine, lies Traisinseuksalai Kajornachaiku, aka “TK,” aka “Bond Girl.” Within 48 hours of coming to Kiwi Farms's attention, TK (who's not to be confused with our very own @bondgirl) nuked her youtube and facebook accounts, deleting weeks and even months of activity, leaving us with only fragments.

Here's a video where she gets mentioned, and you can see how much she got under Bob's skin.

Random stuff- Called Bondgirl because she speaks 12 languages, attended Harvard, has TWO Ph.D's (in Political Science and International Affairs), owns houses in the Seychelles and Switzerland (possibly Thailand and USA). She's also a cultural attache to the Thai Royal Family and regularly flies in their private jet. So, she's TK or Bond Girl. Because who can remember or type out Traisinseuksalai Kajornachaiku all the time?

Last, and CERTAINLY not least, is-
Meet Robert L McKim's greatest, and most tangible, adversary. And though they're about the same age, John Henry Andrews is technically Bob's father-in-law, as he married Rene's biological mother (he also looks about 20 years younger than Bob, doesn't he?). He's responsible for some pretty catchy video titles, such as “WOW! How Low can you go? Lot did not have an orgy with his daughters, angels or the mob" & "Rene's step father is now saying he is Agnostic"

There's too many awesome moments to share, so I'll simply pick out my favorite- The time Dr. Andrews paid for the same religious certification Robert L McKim has, thereby duplicating and cheapening Bobby's most treasured accomplishment.
Other interesting JHA facts: He was a Sgt in the Army, he has “Molon Labe” tattooed on his arms, he rides a motorcycle, and has even created an account on The Farms! He's been gone for a little while, but I'm hoping he comes back! You're a superstar, @Dewsweeper! Oh yeah, and McKim has directly referred to Sensei Andrews as THE Anti-Christ! Not just in league with, or sympathetic to... But the actual Anti-Christ! Now you know!

Okay, one more JHA moment- this one's good! He reveals a trust-fund for Rene, and threatens to write checks to institutions that Bob doesn't approve of! Like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, or Atheist organizations!
Watch 'til at least 9min-ish, to see Bob get pretty angry, and do some mental gymnastics to turn Andrews into the bad guy.
View attachment 93776
Various faceless trolls have sent him diapers, sex toy catalogs, Qur'ans, Books of Mormon and even a Jehovah's Witness to his house. These tribulations have only strengthened his Christian resolve, and Bob seems determined to carry on doing The Lord's Work.

This video's good because he gets 10/10 angry.

It's a good time for McKim watching! A number of Kiwis have actually received and read his autobiography, and these first-hand accounts are trickling in, day-by-day. He's still releasing videos! He's also mentioned this very thread, the local sheriff's office, CONSEQUENCES (both legal and divine), as well as The FBI! So, all-in-all, it's a pretty exciting time to be a McKim watcher!

Had to put in a pork video... Watch 'til you get bored.

This one's about the apocalypse and John Andrews!
Andrews @4:30!

I did not drink hand soap! Enough with the lies people. Enough with the false accrasations! Take down those websites!
I have nothing to do with That Woman from Thailand! She's been attacking me! I'm not stealing money from anybody with her.

Relevant youtube link

TK is not dead!

The actual inciting CWC incident!

Early McKim facebook stuff is pretty funny.
Not sure when this was, but definitely more than a decade ago. This was a letter to the editor he wrote.

Mar 24 2016





Mar 31 this year


Another Bob Arrest.

@bondgirl was a dude that showed up and did some (mostly) unfunny a-logging. When Yaks called him out on his bullshit he took a page from the Real TK, and nuked his account, deleting all his posts in the space of about 10 minutes. Null has since restored what was lost, but the whole incident is pretty head-scratching, and worth mentioning IMO.

Johan Von Hellsten is probably worth pointing out... I don't exactly understand how it all relates to Bob, or Aaron "Special Needs" WEIRD.

Kengle made a brief appearance on RLM's yt comments, and it never really developed into much.

I did a Psych Profile of Bobby, earlier in the thread. Surprisingly (to me anyway) it holds up pretty well, and any changes I'd make to it are pretty minor. Useful reading, if you want to climb inside his head, or need someone to talk you down off your a-logging ledge.

I'm keeping a McKim Media Album that's got some stuff I haven't posted here, so maybe you'll have fun checking it out.

McKim's Linkedin.

This Intro summarizes up to page 58 or so.
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The Devi Ever thread started out as some AMA and subsequently there's really no good OP in there explaining who the hell she is. If someone gave me links and proper context as to her connections with ADF and that crew, I'd be able to rewrite it.


She's not really notable for connection to ADF, though. I'd check the ED article. I'm not really familiar with the whole backstory, but it involves some sort of kickstarter project for effects pedals that didn't go well, but didn't appear to be a premeditated scam of some sort.

Maybe there isn't an ED article.

There is this thread, though.


I was never really convinced she was that cow-worthy, but we do have a thread here, and she did utterly chimp out after a brief grace period.


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Here is my re-write of this thread's OP: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/nate-spidgewood.2175/

Title: [Lolcow] Nathan Speed / Nate Spidgewood
Subtitle: Artist, Bed Wetter, Furry, Middle School Flunkie, & Spammer

NOTE: This OP is a rewrite written much later than the original one was, and many more facts have come out, and the original was very basic and not very informative. But on the positive side, the first OP was entirely correct in pointing out this lolcow’s severe anger issues.

DeviantArt holds a sample of this guys art here.


1. https://archive.md/UVacF [Spidgewood #1]

2. https://archive.md/Gq3dA [Spidgewood #2: Spooge Harder]

3. https://archive.md/hW59s [Spidgewood #3: Sperg With a Veangence]

4. http://archive.md/z2LMJ [Nate Speed: Worse Than Chris-Chan]

5. https://archive.md/t2S7c [#5: Spergwood wants to give you a good pounding]

6. http://archive.md/irbFA [#6: Autism Singularity]

7. https://8ch.net/cow/res/223066.html [#7: Current, as of writing this]

Nathaniel Edward “Nate” Spidgewood is a 21-year old aspiring cartoonist that lives in Green Lake, Arizona. He is infamous for his grudge against the moderators of the website TVTropes which spans back to the year 2011, and his constant, endless bouts of rage. He is identified easily by his sockpuppetry, complaints about the use of wikipedia style namespaces on Tropes, ALL CAPS TYPING, sending death threats, and roleplaying fights with the people “trolling” him.

Nate is the son of Jerry Speed and Dana Speed, meaning that his ridiculous (and highly mockable) last name “Spidgewood” is a name he decided to use for himself because he didn’t believe that “Speed” was actually a name. Yes, that is literally the reason he gave for his name change.

The original thread that showed up on 8chan’s /cow/ was created by GethN7, notable for his tangles with multiple lolcows online aside from Nate, and his role in the GamerGate Controversy.

The feuding between Nate and Geth stretches back about as long as Nate’s attacks on TVTropes do. Nate is known to still email Geth to this very day about his “tattling” on him to 8chan, which got him recognized as a major lolcow even more than the original page on ED ever did.

It is really easy to julay Spidgewood and trigger him into a frothing internet rage. Here is a list of things known to get him to WHIIIINE PUUUUNCH you

- Call him “gay” or a “faggot” (ironic because he calls people these all the time)

- Call him “nigga” (this gets him to show a slight racist streak, because he insists only black people could be called nigga)

- Call him a furry (he has a comic with anthropomorphic animal characters like Arry the Armadillo, and a Fur Affinity account, but that apparently doesn’t mean that he’s a furry. Denies it to this very day.)

- Post anonymously under names vaguely similar to his (he’ll say you’re “impersonating” him) or alternatively; post under names like “Nate’s Mother” and “Nate’s Lil Sis”

- Call him Spazzwood / Spergwood / Morningwood / Spoogewood/ Spidewould or any other misspelling

- Remind him that he’s been banned from TVTropes MULTIPLE times and that he got so infamous they started to refer to him with names like “He Who Must Not Be Named” and “Lord Voldemort”

- Or mention that he’s been banned from DeviantArt for similar actions and assrage

- Call him a troll

-Photoshop him into Chuck Tingle covers (as seen in thread #4)

- Call him a lolcow or compare him to other lolcows. Cows he’s been compared to include: Timbox McKenzie, Rika / Robert Styles, Sammyclassicsonicfan, @ILoveMylarBalloons, and the one and only Christian Weston Chandler

He’s been spamming all over his own thread(s) for around a week now, making FUCKING SIX of them go past bump limit by multiposting (& Spamming) and responding to every single other person who was posting in the thread. This rampage has no end in sight, he just keeps on going for hours at a time due to his lack of school and a job, leaving Nate with too much free time.


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