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This is fine work! If I could add one thing, it would be the gif someone made of his recent Star Wars comic vs. stills capped from the movies, because that shows just how blatant his tracing really is. Oftentimes, these go "viral" and wind up being posted on Facebook over and over by people who think he's a "great artist" when in reality he's a fraud.
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RK 672

So I actually got off my ass and wrote up a new Dobson OP. One of the things I notice in the thread is that we end up discussing specific events over and over and that we have to dredge up the exact same images, so in addition to the general overview of Dobson I included some of those more infamous moments so that they'll be easier to reference in the future. There's a lot of things that could have been mentioned but I didn't want the OP to be too gigantic since most of the people in the thread are already familiar with him. Let me know if there's any derps and I'll fix them.
This is pretty good. I can insert the text into the current OP right now if you want. If you want this post to replace the current OP and give you post authorship, you'll have to ask @Null.
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This is pretty good. I can insert the text into the current OP right now if you want. If you want this post to replace the current OP and give you post authorship, you'll have to ask @Null.
I'm good with it just being inserted in. Thank you!


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Chantal Sarault/Foodie Beauty's thread needs an OP, as the current OP is just a random post extracted from another thread that a mod split off into its own thread.
I decided to have a go at this, first time though so may be complete shite.

Chantal Sarault is a Canadian death-fat youtuber and food addict who does makeup tutorials Weight-loss Vlogs Exercise Vlogs Mook Bongs and vlogs complaining about her various health issues related to her morbid obesity and God awful eating habits. (But they're not obesity related afflictions you guiyze cuz muh genetics).

These can all be found at her Big Beautiful Me Youtube channel (Name changes periodically)

This gargantuan gorl is a vegan (but not vegan) on a diet (but not on a diet) and her mook bongs consist of her eating family sized portions of fast food while talking shit, addressing her haters or telling disgusting stories. She is militant when it comes to copyright striking creators who critique her videos and deleting negative comments on her channel and instagram.

Chantal drinking game:

Take a shot every time Chantal says 'I really just wanna listen to my body'


Take a shot every time she does her sooper annoying chimp laugh (lol don't do this you'll die).

This gorl absolutely spams her videos with ads so an adblocker is recommended for watching her channel. If you want to keep up with the tea on this Foodie Boody but don't want to give her the satisfaction of views or adshekels Zachary Michael regularly does videos on his Youtube channel about her.

par example:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/big_beautiful_mee/?hl=en (Now Private)

Bonus content: Erverlerd Null's stream on Chantal is a good starter point for those new to this particular cow.



Op Rewrite Request: This lolcow's op deserves some more love it passes everything for a bad op.
came across this guy having a meltdown over the past couple days on youtube concerning trolls and people he believes are trying to take over his ministry. trying to find more info on the drama, but his videos are really funny to say the least
It doesn't give links to all his social media,it isn't descriptive, and it's really similar to the bad op examples that this threads OP has given.
Here's my favorite post so far by this lolcow consider including this because he gets tricked by the very old Navy seal copypasta.


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i drafted an OP for that Athene guy. bryan dunn did the first one and it, along with the first 2 pages of the thread, is unreadable because of him. this guy might deserve more attention.


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