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    NSA Press Release, "Am I vulnerable?"

Who or what will cause the next saga?

  • Andrea Libman

    Votes: 9 1.8%
  • Tara Strong

    Votes: 33 6.7%
  • Barb dying

    Votes: 453 91.5%

  • Total voters

James Howlett

I'm the best at what I do.
You know, I'm right here, you can just talk to me. What do you creeps need to know that wasn't taken from my interview with the guy with the deep voice here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt86W8Ke1qM&t=1470s. If you need more; get him to interview me again, I do have some trust for this guy, though very limited, at least he established contact with me unlike the rest of you people.
Jacob, that person was being sarcastic. We already know everything we need from your thread here, and the cwcki is meant to be an entertaining telling of Chris's life. You are not entertaining or a part of Chris's life.


Christorical Figure
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Hard drive filled up. Not sure why. Investigating. (ie this should be a turnkey operation)

Edit: Ok, so, before:
            "LogConfig": {
                "Type": "json-file",
                "Config": {}
            "LogConfig": {
                "Type": "json-file",
                "Config": {
                    "max-file": "3",
                    "max-size": "10m"
I had it configured, but I guess I didn't restart the daemon or something, so it was stuck with the unlimited logs.

Anyway, if it goes down again, someone let me know. We shouldn't be going down at all.
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Wear your shirt inwards out
Chinese, eh? I heard that simply typing "1989 Tiananmen Massacre" and the government automatically block the site in seconds. By "block the site", I mean the people in china wouldn't be able to access cwcki

Mr. 0

god im not good at computer how did this get here
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They're not. If I leave the create account link up for more than a few days, we get chinese spambots out the ass. Though I'll enable it temporarily sometime. I'll let you know.
Is there a way to put in a captcha or did the people behind the epic store learn how to read english?


Anyone interested in helping to keep the CWCki updated? There are only a few people left who add content to it, so now that Chris is more active online, stuff is beginning to fall through the cracks.

The content pages (social media posts, videos, etc) are fine up to May 2017. For June and July, there's a lot of posts which haven't been added yet, mostly from Patreon and Twitter. The video pages are okay, though some aren't transcribed. The last batch of comic pages haven't been added yet.

The articles could be updated more, too, especially now that there's new material from the comic pages, Chris's interactions with Doopie, etc.
I have an interest in helping!


Chinese, eh? I heard that simply typing "1989 Tiananmen Massacre" and the government automatically block the site in seconds. By "block the site", I mean the people in china wouldn't be able to access cwcki
Be sure to type stuff like that and "democracy" but in Mandarin, in Simplified Chinese so it's more likely to get caught by the Great Firewall.


"Whinnie the Pooh" would be better
I don't know Chinese, so I ran the following deliberately stilted text (to try to make it as easy to translate as possible) through Google Translate:
We promote democracy and human rights throughout the world; the Chinese people must not forget the atrocities at Tian'anmen Square, even as their leader, who resembles Winnie the Pooh, tries to suppress the memory of the June Fourth Incident from the Democracy Movement.
and changed one specific part of the output to use the specific Mandarin phrase for the "1989 Democracy Movement" (instead of something that translated to "democratic movement") to get this, which I have used as the contents of my user page on the CWCki:

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