Upload picture and an AI will generate a sound based on that image -

Liber Pater

Aggressively alabaster
It seems like this is basically just matching random audio with the images. I keep hearing the same clips over and over again in the various submissons I have seen in this thread. I have also submitted the same images multiple times and gotten different tracks. Anyways, it can still be fun. Here's what it did to a sample of images from my KF pfp folder:

Sometimes, it ends up fitting well
http://www.imaginarysoundscape.net/view/nVbCKNpkuy/397118_6295857_0 (I really like that it has Lili Marlene in its audio database. This AI has excellent taste!)
http://www.imaginarysoundscape.net/view/UVuHTTqJPp/161307_2909009_0 (it's kind of cool that the program matched this particular image with water dripping, given that the context of said image is a storyline involving a water demon)

Other times, not so much
http://www.imaginarysoundscape.net/view/Uru3Tm7ckz/198287_3517576_1 (alternate match for the same image)

For reference, I also fed it pictures of Marlene Dietrich to see if it would match them up with the Lili Marlene track, but unfortunately, it did not: