World US couple loses child over chemotherapy refusal - That's DOCTOR Florida Man to you!


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A cancer-stricken four-year-old boy in Florida has been ordered to live with his grandmother after his parents prevented him from having chemotherapy.

The custody ruling on Monday against parents Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams came after their bid for alternative treatment garnered national attention.

The boy was taken from his parents in April after they skipped chemotherapy and left the state.

The parents are "obviously devastated," their lawyer told US media.

"Noah is going through an absolutely traumatic medical experience and he is doing so without his parents," said lawyer Brooke Elvington.


After the boy, whom the BBC is not naming, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April his parents opted to treat him using cannabis, oxygen therapy, herbs and alkaline water.

Medical cannabis is legal in Florida.

In May, they lost custody after they skipped a chemotherapy session and "refused to follow up with life saving medical care," according to police.

They were found in Kentucky after a multi-state hunt. The boy was ordered to live with his grandmother and receive standard medical treatment.

On Monday, Hillsborough County circuit court Judge Thomas Palermo said that the child would face "substantial risk of imminent neglect" if he were returned to his parents.

Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams' son Noah was diagnosed with cancer in April
Image copyrightTAYLOR BLAND-BALL
Keeping the boy in the custody of his maternal grandmother "is the only way to ensure Noah's health, safety and well-being," NBC News reported.

Chemotherapy is often associated with debilitating side effects, but many types of modern chemotherapy cause only mild problems.

According to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital, about 98% of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia go into remission within weeks of beginning treatment, and about 90% of child patients are eventually cured.

The lawyer for Ms Bland and Mr McAdams said the couple is considering filing an appeal.

"[He] belongs at home with his parents," she said.
Goddamn Hippies.

Nick Gars

Ravioli ravioli, I am a faggitoli
I'm glad. As soon as I saw "alternative medicine" I was happy to know these hippie faggots lost their kid. If you want to follow some whacked out "medical beliefs", by all means, have fun, but when you involve children into that snake oil bullshit, you've crossed the line. Poor kid already has cancer at 4, give him a chance at life, not a death sentence.


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Fucking good.

You want to kill yourself with crystals and homeopathy and shit as an adult? Knock yourself out. But you don't get to force your kid to die the same way.

I'm not generally in favor of state intervention with parental rights, but cancer and similar health issues is an exception. The kid doesn't deserve to die that way. Give the kid back once he's cured, I suppose, but...


a full-on woman soul

Weed can be helpful in treating cancer patients, but the entire reason it's helpful is because it works well with chemo. The worst side effects of chemo are pain and vomiting, and weed is a safe analgesic and antiemetic. However, without the chemo, you're essentially just giving him a painkiller so he'll feel a little less awful as he slowly succumbs to cancer. And alkaline water and 'herbs' are just pure BS.

If your kid has a 98% chance of remission on top of a 90% chance of being cured with chemo treatment and you instead elect to feed him snake oil and woo, you deserve to lose custody.


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Isn’t cannabis used to slow the growth of cancer cells and treat the side effects of chemo? What take chemo out of the equation?
Because herbs and miracle alkaline water.

People tried to treat cancer with all kinds of things before chemotherapy came about. I am surprised they aren't injecting him with black salve. I bet he wore an amber necklace while teething.

If you want to treat cancer with wacko alternative hippie medicine do it on yourself. Don't put your child through it because he is going to die. It's as bad as Christian science.


Isn’t cannabis used to slow the growth of cancer cells and treat the side effects of chemo? What take chemo out of the equation?
It helps you deal with the pain chemo puts you in, as well as the vomiting and lack of appetite. It's meant to be used in tandem with chemotherapy. Yeah, chemo's fucking brutal but it's either that or be dead.

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