US Instances of Voter Fraud (Megathread?) - Probably a good idea to have a thread on this given how often it's discussed and will continue to be discussed even after November.

Is mail in voting autistic?

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I don't want to sound racist, but...
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Always entertaining.

I thought that was Bernie Sanders for a second. The shirt matches the dumpster.


Who's going to clean that up?

Have fun dumpster diving.


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Razorfist weighs in on HR1, the proposed bill soon to come before the senate that will basically legalize electoral fraud if passed and then not challenged and struck down by the SCOTUS.
2022 prediction time. HR1 passes and becomes law. The GOP changes absolutely nothing about their election strategy to account for the new election laws and they get their backs blown out even though republican voter registration will be extremely high. They will refuse to adapt to the new rules and ultimately bitch about it on their official twitter accounts while doing absolutely nothing about it from their position of power.

idk, if cuckservative Georgia passed voter ID reform, then I'd guess there's an appetite to resist it on the national level. Georgia had every reason to push it under the rug and ignore it, but they aren't, which is something.

/cope (:_(

He would never be allowed to be successful in it, but I wish Trump would sue the Washington Post for this.

There is no accountability for the media, especially when a billionaire just subsidizes them being horrible people and horrible liars.
Hey, they actually posted a retraction instead of issuing a "Fact Check: Disputed"


Yeah... fuck this year, too.
"Tried to influence" = made memes or something. Yawn. Imagine being this buttblasted that RussiaGate ended with zero evidence of the Democrat claims.

By the way, Russian HAXXORS did the same thing to Hillary supporters during the 2016 election. Fed both sides in order to try to show political discord in the country. And who knows? Probably did the same thing this time and they're just selectively omitting that.