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World US-led command approves South Korean border crossings into North Korea

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by PS1gamenwatch, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. https://www.stripes.com/news/pacifi...an-border-crossings-into-north-korea-1.547314

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  2. If Trump ends the North Korea conflict in his first term, I'll eat my fucking hat.
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  3. Everyone remember this and harass him off the website if he doesn't.
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    Splendid Meat Sticks

    Splendid Meat Sticks Castigat ridendo mores
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  4. I don't go full @Techpriest by dude.
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"

  5. Good luck.
    Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo Bravokin

  6. What kind of hat we talkin' here?
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    Jewelsmakerguy (Cheesy 80s music intensifies)

  7. If so you'd better eat it. @Techpriest didn't and nobody's let him forget it.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  8. It's one of those fuckin nacho hats with dip in the top
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    sperginity croissant fresh
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  9. Nachos with a dash of dandruff

    Yum yum


  10. It'd be funny if in 2020, the Media would be calling Trump the most evil President in history despite him fixing the NK/SK conflict and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in one term.

    I'd just want it to happen to see how they rationalize it.
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  11. Probably just credit Obama and/or Hillary with it somehow or downplay it by saying it was Trump's underlings that did all the work while he said mean things on Twitter.
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  12. It would be amazing if all of these talks about denuclearization and whatnot eventually lead to North Korea opening up to the world and, later on, a re-unification of the two Koreas... of course, it would probably be for the best if NK chose to upgrade their economic model and improve the standard of living before re-uniting with South Korea, but you have to stay positive :optimistic:
    What if he resolves the conflict by saying mean things on Twitter though?
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    ATaxingWoman Professional Zombie Hunting Tax Investigator

  13. It’s the evolution of teddy’s “Speak softly and carry a big stick” methodology. Trump threatens and waves the big stick in your face and tells you what will happen if you don’t play along. All under the twitter character limit.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  14. I thought of it more as an evolution of Nixon's madman theory approach.
    Dink Smallwood

    Dink Smallwood why am I still here

  15. Nixon opened China, ended US involvement in Vietnam and brought home POWs, ended segregation in schools, and generally improved America’s place in the world. Even though he was disgraced, every US president kept him close until his death.

    Nixon isn’t remembered for any of that, though. Not even Apollo 11. Just Watergate.

    Trump can bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, end the wars in the holy land, bolster the economy after Bush and Obama shat all over it, and preside over the mars landings. He will be remembered for looking like a mango and tweeting. Because that’s how it works.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

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