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World US Midterm Elections 2018 MegathreadBlue Wave or Red Tsunami? Because you know we need one.

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by heathercho, Oct 10, 2018.

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What will happen come November 6th, 2018?

  1. Blue Wave

    39 vote(s)
  2. Red Tsunami

    185 vote(s)
  3. Purple Nothing

    186 vote(s)
  4. Russia

    243 vote(s)
  5. Purple Whirpool

    109 vote(s)
  6. Jeb!

    75 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. November 6th, 2018.
    You have less than one month to sperg about the midterm elections.

    Hot Takes :
    Tis the end of Drumpf!
    How will Trump keep his voter base energized? "More Winning."

    Trump Will Lose 60 Seats in the house... Unless... Please Visit My Site

    The Weird :
    Mark Taylor "Red Tsunami Prophecy"

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    heathercho 意地悪女

  2. The kavanaugh hearing was a disaster for the Democrat party, and the democrats by far have the most seats up for grabs this mid-term. The seats that are up for grabs held by republicans are in fairly red states right now IIRC, so a blue wave ain't happening.

    The best hope the democrats have is to just hold their seats, but that probably won't happen either.
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    Plissken Gunslinger, Outlaw, Escape artist.

  3. I don't know or care who will win. It's all a shitshow either way. I'm just here for a good time.
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    Alto Space Doggity

  4. I wonder why do people think the Democrats will lose? Not saying I support them but what backing do people in this thread have for that assumption?
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    Truthboi Prince of filthy weeaboos

  5. The answer is in the poll - Russia!
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  6. Polls have consistently had a huge bias towards democrats for years and it's stigma to be even remotely conservative so people are afraid to answer truthfully.
    I think the republicans will gain 1 seat in senate overall, and will likely lose the house by a very small amount.
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    Big Bad Fish

    Big Bad Fish the nicest most caring person
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  7. Cause you're in /pol/ lite A&H.
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    Sexy Times Hitler

    Sexy Times Hitler Loves Cheez-Its and America too
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  8. @heathercho I prefer a purple whirlpool metaphor. Blue and red opposing currents mix together and rotate into a whirlpool

    Edit: uguu~ ^_^
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    #8 Hortator, Oct 10, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018

    True & Honest Fan

  9. Who cares. Let's enjoy the potential sperg fight between both Democrats and Republicans.
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    Ratko_Falco Sad Penguin :(

  10. Jury's still out obviously, but if the Democrats get schlacked you can expect to see a lot of "Here's how us losing big time in the midterms is actually winning" articles on their shill sites.
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  11. purple parrots v silver monkeys?

    i'm betting on the monkeys
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    dopy www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnLAC5AJPuM

  12. Because, since the 2016 election, the democratic party has dropped the mask of illusion and fully embraced identity politics. They have been screeching about trump nonstop, about how every little thing is horrible, and trying to shove the narrative that low unemployment, rising wages, and lower taxes are somehow BAD for people. And while they are doing this, they have been telling anybody who thinks that this hyper anti-trump hysteria has gone too far to fuck themselves. The DNC has even gone so far as to support very vocal SJW groups that blame society's woes on a single racial group.

    While their vocal minority has screeched loudly the last few years, moderates have gone strangely silent. Cortez winning the new york primary cast light on the impeding situation. Despite being in an area with nearly 300K registered democrats, and despite the area casting 60K+ votes in 2014, she won with a whopping...16K votes. That is a major red flag that indicated a large number of democrats are not showing up to the polls.

    The border control REEEEing hurt democrats pretty badly. When they continued to blame the situation on trump, despite the record numbers of children held there under obama (without a peep from the democrats) many began to turn on the democrats for being blatant liars, willing to push an agenda at the cost of the morals they try to enforce upon others. Then even the liberal polls showed that a majority of democrats supported either tighter border laws or proper enforcement of the existing laws, yet the democrats continued to push against border control insisting only EVIL WHITE NAZI RUSSIAN SEXIST DEPLORABLES could support the literal killing of innocent border-hopping children. This then led to the insanity of "ABOLISH ICE" which went over like a lead brick.

    The kavanaugh catastrophe has also backfired on the democrats. SO, SO many vocal democrats have been screaming about how kavanaugh is guilty of groping rape of 1,2, 6 women with no evidence and shaky testimony. I've heard several try to twist "provide evidence beyond reasonable doubt" to say that if her story is believable, brett is guilty and should be removed, which is just asinine. When asked why Ford did not go to the police, their response was, I kid you not, "Well, she wasnt trying to arrest him, she was trying to expose his garbage character". Blatant support of outright libel and slander, because trump nominated a moderate to the courts.

    And you bet that many moderates, including myself, have been keeping track of how often the democrats have claimed the sky is falling, only to completely abandon whatever horrible affliction has hit the country in favor of another malady to be outraged over, or to pull "muh russia" out of their ass again.

    Moderates are pissed. Social progressive/fiscal conservatives are pissed. business democrats are pissed (get woke, go broke). centrists are in awe at the democrat's insane behavior, and all have taken note of how they are making money and the economy has improved despite the hysteria. The kavanaugh failure has united republicans while dividing democrats. With the sham russia investigation showing nothing, prominent democrat supporters getting caught up in #metoo, social media companies in cahoots to suppress free speech, and the liberal media contradicting itself at every turn (and being called out for it with increasing frequency and severity), the punches just keep. on. coming.

    I have no doubt the senate will go further red this year. While the house is a wild card, it wouldnt surprise me to see republicans gain ground there. And at the local level, the hysterical grandstanding has left democrats no real platform to run on, no achievements, nothing to draw in voters other then "fuck trump, raise taxes" which will only attract the loons that will vote (D) regardless.
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  13. I'm expecting my early ballot this week, and I'm gonna be filling it out as soon as it's in my hands. They're a little late coming out, I feel, to the point I actually had the thought of "What if the ballots got intercepted in the mail to ensure less votes for the people they don't want in office?" Because sadly, I can see that happening in some places (if it hasn't before in the past).

    Other than that, November seriously can't come soon enough, I just want it over and done with yesterday. So let me just say, "Bring on the salt and the aneurysms that follow."

    (I'm sad @Internet War Criminal isn't here to experience this with us, but I've been slowly considering @It's HK-47 a much more laidback spiritual successor, and his contributions are what have been keeping me entertained and sane.)
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    Kari Kamiya

    Kari Kamiya Off to plow your mom, shiet lips!

  14. GOP will probably lose the midterms because that's what always happens when after an election, the winning party loses the midterms.
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    Ron /pol/

    Ron /pol/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intolerance_(film)

  15. The SJW left has shown multiple times since 2016 they don't give a shit about moderates and centrists, time after time my SJW like friends, have shat on modertes by posting shit like
    "RIGHT: Lets kill all the Jews/Blacks/Hispanics!
    Left: let's not
    Moderates: Guys we need to stop fighting, we should only kill 50% of the Jews/Blacks/Hispanics"

    Now we have Hillary saying "Bill's accusers were different from Trumps and the Supreme Court nominee.

    The left also seems to forget how badly in shape they were just over 10 years ago when you had the Green Party, and other left political branches taking votes away from the DNC and the GOP and Libertarians at lease were some what lined up.

    Then the tea party happened that some what weakened the GOP but the GOP got its shit back together, while the DNC allowed fringe interests to once again divide the party.
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    stupidpieceofshit Halloween in January is better.
    True & Honest Fan

  16. I mean, Trump really doesn't have to do much to get conservatives hyped. The Democratic party is doing a great job at self=imploding and discrediting themselves.

    The Dem senator in my state barely won the seat last election. (Trump also won hugely.) It's not looking great this time around as their voting record doesn't reflect the views of the majority of the citizens, along with some blunders while Obama was still in office. I'm pretty much only following the elections for things I actually vote in so I can't speak for other states.
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    Trasha Pay That A$$

    Trasha Pay That A$$ I like the D

  17. Normally I'd hope for whichever party doesn't hold the presidency to take congress (or a Libertarian sweep). Not this time though. The progressives can eat shit. Call me a "racist nazi" enough and it turns out I start to accept it.

    Fuck the Washington Post for making me go back to reading the Washington Times.
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    oldTireWater Incompetent as fuck

  18. I honestly hope the DNC gets buttwrcked so hard that they finally wise up, drop all the idpol shit, and bathe in some annoying reddit tranny blood.
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  19. I think the most salt will be produced with a red tsunami so I'm hoping for that.
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    adorable bitch

    adorable bitch laughing at you

  20. That wake up call happened in 2016, but all they did was double down when their cards read 20 at a game of blackjack with a fresh deck.
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    stupidpieceofshit Halloween in January is better.
    True & Honest Fan

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