User Vintage_Miranda wonders why we don't have a thread on Luaren Chen -

Don’t know who Lauren Chen is, but she sounds like a pretty cool chick!

@Vintage_Miranda kinda looks like a tranny though. Is that why you’re tarding out about this?

Then write a thread for her and submit it to Prospering Grounds.

Link to thread creation

Pretty sure that @Vintage_Miranda needs a thread on the prospering grounds. This thread pretty much screams autism. And attention-whoring.

These warrant a thread because Lauren is a disgusting person, and definitely deserves to be mocked/called out.
“Disgusting person who definitely deserves to be mocked/called out”

You mean kinda like someone making an account on a lolcow site and demanding a personal army because someone online said something they don’t like?
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I literally just said that you could find more info about her through my posts on Twitter.
Nothing I hate more than a faggot who can't get the point.

Nobody wants to read your twitter. You don't come onto a website and then try to get the people of said website to go to a different website to read stuff.

We don't care. At the very least it sounds like shameless self promotion, and at most it sounds like a personal army request.

Make a thread (lol, banned) or shut the fuck up.