User Vintage_Miranda wonders why we don't have a thread on Luaren Chen -

Robert Sanvagene

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@Vintage_Miranda , You really should not use the same username you used on your social media accounts when you signed up here today, because that's written on kiwi farms's registration rules.

So for those who are interested about this, here's Miranda's social media accounts:
Tik- tok:
Miranda's blogs:, I’m sorry for failing at life ; Yes, women are not taken seriously, period ; They couldn’t handle rejection
I'm yet to be convinced that @Vintage_Miranda is who she says she is. If she verified herself, then I'd be more willing to believe.

I do admit that I am autistic.
Sadly, I'm not quite popular enough to have impersonators yet. Maybe some day....
Post feet pics on your Twitter, as per standard KF verification protocol. It may help Farmers believe that you're True and Honest.

Edit: Feet pics from @AngieMoon too, please.
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