a 3 minute walk before she gets tired and nearly passes out being an accomplishment for her makes me feel bad for her. getting fat to the point you have trouble doing one of the first few things you learn as a child is just depressing (too bad that also doesn't apply for eating, that would help her a lot)

EH 110

The desk clerk was trolling, putting those 2 fatties on the ninth floor. He knew they couldn't walk up stairs and them using an elevator might break it. If I were a desk clerk and an Amber came heaving in, I'd put her on the first floor to keep the other guests safe.

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What if there was a hotel fire? Can’t use an elevator during an emergency so what would she do? Run walk 3.13 minuets for her life? It’s not like Plow Horse Becky could throw her over her shoulder like a piece of lumber or even load Big Bertha onto the “luggage buggy”.

Better be careful with those food scented BBW candles, gorls!


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Holy shit man... I didn't think I would live to see or even hear that this was even possible.

So I suppose that gyms should open in these small cities to get these rural fatties to workout no? The problem with these rural obeasts is that they think lazing around at home and eating is comfort to them but real comfort does not involve eating. To many people, spending the entire days exploring outside in a touristy area, attending festivals, or even going to conventions to late night when they finally get to rest would be actual comfort but that is assuming that they are not obese. Something to note that a lot of rural fatties are on prescription opioids, aka painkillers, because of their severe obesity causing pain on their LAYGS at least as a result from their lifestyles. If I were a doctor, I'd tell them that before they pick up the fork, what do they want to eat and what can they do afterwards so they don't spend their lives taking opioids to deal with pain while they're struggling with being mobile due to obesity. Not to mention, I'd encourage them to ask themselves if they're eating because they're hungry or they're eating because they're bored once they touch the fork.

EDIT: Oh hey I came up with an idea for a new silverware product; inscribe "Are you hungry or just bored?" on them!
Omg don't be a fat-shamer! REEEEEEEEEE! People have the right to eat themselves to death and you should feel sorry for them! Stop flaunting your thin-privilege!

Seriously though. It's a decent idea. All these deathfats have no life so food is their only hobby they have. Sure, everyone loves food, but most people have jobs, families, and responsibilities to focus on.

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What if there was a hotel fire? Can’t use an elevator during an emergency so what would she do? Run walk 3.13 minuets for her life? It’s not like Plow Horse Becky could throw her over her shoulder like a piece of lumber or even load Big Bertha onto the “luggage buggy”.

Better be careful with those food scented BBW candles, gorls!
and then she explodes into a hazmat situation

Becky continues to gross me out more and more everyday. My god does amber even walk anymore. It’s been weeks since we’ve witnessed her doing any kind of significant movement. What happened to all the Walmart trips, China buffet trips, ect.... she just traded one backdrop for another. Her room for this motel room. Then back to her room eventually. I think she is probably damn near immobile at this point. How is that not scary for her? 😬 Becky you are an enabler at this point and that’s nasty.
Oh, who cares? The quicker she dies, the better.

Ohh, see, I thought she was just misusing the word "staycation" which is what people usually say when they take some time off work to stay home and chill or do house projects. I couldn't figure out why she kept using that word when they were obviously going away. Now I get it. They are literally going to STAY in the hotel the entire time because she is physically unable to go anywhere else. She has mentioned in the past that she loves that in Lexington she has access to meal delivery services like Uber Eats, etc, so that's going to be their version of eating out on this trip. Actually going to restaurants is too taxing.

During the bathroom tour you can hear her hips squeeze against the doorframe as she goes through it (just before the full length mirror shots) and others have pointed out that she visibly looks wider than the door. How must it feel like to try to walk through a standard doorway and feel your hips smash against BOTH sides of it? Jesus.

She is excited about going to Target because, while Lexington has a lot of other shopping opportunities she can't get at home, she can only go to place she is sure has scooters available.

It's all very sad. Appalachia has such beautiful hiking areas. Yeah it's BFE and has its fare share of bumpkins, Becky isn't wrong when she talks about how beautiful the natural areas are. But Amber can't take advantage of any of it. Getting from her car and riding an elevator to her room is torturous for her.

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Minor note: the ASMR markers were ShuttleArt. The new ones are TouchNew, there are a lot more of them and they come in a weird bag. I was going to ask who the fuck needs this many junky Chinese markers but this is Hamber.
If she really wants to have nice markers why doesn't she spend some of her feeder Adsense shekels on Copic or Prismacolor markers? I guess more is more in every possible sense to Hamber if she's buying 200 shitty chino markers for 10 bucks on Amazon.

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I watched this after watching a video in which an Olympic gymnast talked about training till her body would just collapse from being overworked to exhaustion. A young girl trained so hard it would make grown ass men cry like babies. Meanwhile those two adult pigs talk about coloreeeen books... I honestly struggle to feel anything other than contempt and sheer disgust at their very existence. I hope Amber eats herself to 800 pounds.

- "Why am I putting my face in them?" (Because your default instincts at this point in your life are to either shove everything to your face or shove your face to everything.)
Actually, does anyone else think that Hamber has been spending as much time HUFFING her markers as using them for her mandalas?

It might explain some of the "pain management", and also why her immediate reaction to getting new markers is to investigate their scent.

(I'd say it potentially also explains her rapidly-decreasing "vocabulary" and inability to properly English to anything close to a normal degree, but then again - she's ALWAYS been dumb... Just seems like she's somehow DUMBER lately if that were even possible?)

Just a random thought.


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Such pretty trees! Wow, mountains! She’s never seen anything like that! Guess her living in CA was a lah then, because the area she supposedly grew up is gorgeous enough to put that scenery to shame. But all Amber noticed in California was In & Out Burger.

She can walk 7 seconds more? Nope. She can’t. At her weight, there is no such thing as getting better. Without losing weight, it’s all downhill.

I watched a 600 lb life “where are they now” yesterday, and a woman started out 800 lbs. after 3 1/2 years, she got to 150. If Amber stopped living in denial and just did exactly what a weight loss doctor said, by the time she is 30 she could be close to a goal weight and living a normal life. But it’s way more important to eat. That’s the bottom line, food is more important than anything.


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Amber grew up in northern California, a place known for scenery and tree.She just said shes never had that anywhere she lived wtf is she talking about? Petaluma is literally minutes from similar scenery to what she is filming...

I honestly want to know how she got from the car parking to the lobby and up to the room. It looks like a really big place I doubt she left that room more than once.

I have to take a moment to pause, collect myself, let the contempt simmer and settle down every time I see an Amber video like this lest I become Mad at the Internet. I know, it happens sometimes anyway.

Amber has money, she could go anywhere but because she only does what she knows she goes to the nearest city just to sit in the hotel room and do the exact same things she does every day normally. Just seeing the monumental effort, the stress, the STRUGGLES of her standing up in an elevator and walking a few steps to get to the hotel room as she gasps for breath and hopes her heart doesnt fail is goddamn sad. Also, you know the only reason she had that luggage carrier, even though they dont have that much luggage is as a prop to hold onto and attempt to rest her weight.

She has no shame, no introspection, not a care in the fucking world as long as she gets to spend money and stuff her face. How, how can anyone look at themself... look at this mass of bulbous, filthy, quivering fat that can't even fit through the frame of a door without struggles and think that this is fine. How can she still go out to eat, shovel candy in her mouth, drink colas and have snacks when you are physically trapped in a prison of fat.

Also, you know the only exercise Amber does reliably is fork-to-mouth repititions. Every time she slips a little "oh yeah, i totally move more" you know that's a lie, mostly a lie to herself so she feels like she's doing something... anything.

But really, it's the impact Amber has on other people that get to me. Every human being she comes in contact with comes out worse for it. Anyone she latches on to just gets fatter and dumber til they manage to break away. When she goes out into the wild people have to suffer her presence, the smell, the sight... Just seeing something like Amber in reality would make people who aren't used to seeing deathfats stop in place, frozen in terror and confusion like they just failed a sanity check in a call of cthulu game.

And lastly people like Amber are such a blight, more than most know. She consumes so much resources, wastes so much energy, produces so much garbage... a good 4-6 times the amount of her fellow burgerland citizens, and they already on average waste a good double or triple the resources of people in other countries. When you look at the excess and gluttony of Amber, you're looking at the reason we're all fucked in two or three decades when all our farmland will be on fire and the coasts underwater. But Amber don't give a fuck, people like her aren't going to live neeearly long enough to have to worry about that. It's enough to make anyone environmentally conscious Mad, if you care about that sort of thing.


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Something to note that a lot of rural fatties are on prescription opioids, aka painkillers, because of their severe obesity causing pain on their LAYGS at least as a result from their lifestyles.
Not to sound like a Nazi (not that I care) but the combination of eating themselves to death and shoveling down prescribed opioids just seems like a hastening to death...a burdensome problem on the taxpayers that is solving itself faster than just with a knife and fork alone. If I were a doctor and I saw someone who was that far gone weightwise, like Amber who was complaining of pain, I would know that they probably don't give a shit about their mortality. It would be an insult to my practice to see someone basically give the middle finger to the life that I have given an oath to and spent years in medical school to preserve. I would maybe give them one chance to get their shit together but that would be it. Their bodies are FUCKED beyond repair, it would be like an aerospace engineer trying to rebuild an exploded space shuttle that decimated when it reentered the atmosphere, it cant be done.

So fuck it, have some hydrocodone you hippo, I would give you morphine if I could. I would hand that shit out like candy so I can sign their death certificate faster one less parasite taking up resources for actual sick people who need my skills and advice.

Please send your top hats to the haberdasher so that I may have them sized accordingly
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It never ceases to be hilarious to me when this tremendous meat-mountain of a person tries to act dainty and feminine
Regardless of her crocodile tears about I see what you see or whatever, you know good and goddamn well that she sees dainty, cute, and feminine whenever she prances in front of a mirror. Supermodels don't eyefuck themselves as much as Hamber does. The endless duckfaces, and cheeky glances into the viewfinder with that come hither stare, the preening in her Torrid Horrid bullshit tarps. She LOVES herself and sees no real reason to change. Chantal is the same way which is why neither one of them will ever succeed. Both have chosen food over health and their arrogance and vanity allow them to do that. Not to mention that both are dumb as a box of rocks.