Vagrant Holiday / Surveillance Camera Man - Based bum going on vacations, previous channel funnier than Frank Hassle

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Jun 2, 2021
Surveillance Camera Man
The SCM channel started on May 23, 2013 taking place in Seattle WA, within it he would upload videos recording people while staying quiet, and not fully explaining why he was recording to them. The videos were uploaded separately in 8 parts, but were removed by TouTube, leaving him to compile all the videos and reupload them into one video (totaling nearly 50 minutes).

His Bitchute is the current way to view the video

The channel ended up bringing alot of personal highlights for me

1:08 "Why would I want to join your cult if you're not even very nice" :story:
1:39 "Your with this guy?"
1:50 "So can I come back tomorrow?"

2:54 Sleepy man :)
6:31 Two drunk black guys
9:18 One crazy bitch

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Vagrant Holiday
His new project currently is the YouTube channel 'Vagrant Holiday', created on Dec 17, 2017, where he travels around the world in the the cheapest way possible, by being a vagrant

Chronological order
He's disabled embedding videos :( so its only links
Vagrant Holiday In Europe
Vagrant Holiday II - For A Few Bushes More
Vagrant Holiday III - Third Time's Not The Charm | ELEVATOR MAN
Vagrant Holiday IV - Japan
Vagrant Holiday V - Train Hopping
Forbidden Island
Vagrant Holiday VI - Machete Cut

How are they the same?
In the train hopping video he says
"So here I am in the fucking suburbs of Seattle because I didn't buy a plane ticket anywhere cool and this is where I live."

Seattle is the same place where the Scientology building on the 'Surveillance Camera Man' channel was at.
Scientology interior.jpg
SCM Scientology.png

Vagrant has also done a reference to one of the quotes from SCM.

Comparison of the voices
Vagrant Holiday 0:00-0:07
Surveillance Camera Man 0:08-0:22


Numbuh one brony in da hood, G
Oct 6, 2016
Oh shit. Is this that guy Ross Scott talked about in one of his update videos about the adpocalype?
Either way, this sounds cool as hell. Somebody archive this.

E: No, that's Brave Dave's Big Fat Freight Hop.

Job the Long-Suffering

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Mar 24, 2021
Holy shit..... I never would have realized Vagrant Holiday was also Surveillance Man, that is so......... B A S E D


We wuz Centurion and shiet
May 5, 2020
Love this guy he's truly a gem.

It's a bit autistic on my part but I love to imagine he's ice poseidon.

I think it makes the videos better to imagine he's a beautiful Jew with a huge nose.


Numbuh one brony in da hood, G
Oct 6, 2016
Been watching this and it's probably one of the best things I've ever seen.
All I wish is that it came out earlier (Circa the turn of the last decade or so) because I know I would have gone apeshit if I had seen it then.

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Jul 6, 2017
Does someone have an archive of Surveillance Camera Man that they can upload

The Internet Archive deleted their version and bitchute is acting up for me

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Jun 30, 2021
Where'd you find the self-potrait?
It's not a self portrait, it was taken and circulated by one of his targets from SCM days. A local blog used it to illustrate a 2013 article about him: "Is the Creepy Cameraman hanging out on Capitol Hill?" (archived version)

are we 100% sure that SCM is Vagrant Holiday?
Yeah. They sound alike, dress alike (all black), wear glasses, same build, both based in or near Seattle, VH makes SCM references, both Bitchute accounts created in December 2018, same elusiveness to a profitable youtube grift. Too many coincidences.

Pretty intriguing that he managed to go viral twice, independently. Who knows, maybe he has other channel(s) that never took off or nobody made the connection to VH/SCM. I believe he mentioned something along the lines of working on another project on a VH video once.

Ethan Ralph also getting attacked in Lisbon was what make me look up VH today, what a shithole.