Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines: 2 - I want to believe, but...

Paradox has just announced a sequel to VTMB. Arguably one of the greatest RPG's of the early 2000's. (especially after the community patches). Even today that game stands the test of time. Which is why I want to be super hype.

I have concerns though. The stupid thing is already available for preorder. A year from its estimated release date. Paradox is just publishing it. Its not the developer. This just screams "uh oh, we are out of money!" Which in turn screams the dev team got over ambitious and has a hot mess on their hands. Been waiting for a sequel for VTMB for nearly two decades, but I have concerns here.


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I share the OP's concerns, but they did get the original writer Brian Mitsoda and Chris Avelone to work on the story, so at least that will be above average. I'm more worried about the developers and Paradox. If they intend to remain somewhat faithful to the original than it'll be a FPS/TPS hybrid RPG which I don't think they've ever done before. I'm cautiously hyped but won't be excited till I see gameplay.


I'm not black, I just play one on TV
Hardsuit Labs. They have no released games. This is their first entry as a Dev studio.
They did make Blacklight Retribution according to their website, looks like a free-to-play FPS that got shut down on PC due to low player retention. Take that as you will.

Which in turn screams the dev team got over ambitious and has a hot mess on their hands.
If it turns out anything like the original than it comes out as a hot, broken mess but the fans slowly work at it with modding and in ten to fifteen years it becomes one of the best CRPGs on the platform.
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From the trailer: "You will come to despise it... as much as I do .... but I've waited so long to see it again ...."

Self-fulfilling prophecy? ?
Its Paradox we are talking about here. Those guys love to play "throw spaghetti at the wall" when it comes to their oddball productions run through a "literally who?" dev studio. For every Mount and Blade you get made by Turks for free Kebabs, there is a Sword of the Stars made by drunk Canadians out of a trailer park. You just can never tell what those crazy Swedes will do with something. At a minimum they break the mold with other big publishers by going off the reservation in creating unique games. But unique does not always mean good.

Kotaku: Vampire: the Masquerade– Bloodlines Is Getting A Sequel, And It Looks Pretty Good
“It was very of its time,” Ellison said of the first game. “It approached certain topics differently. How we look at stuff has matured since then.”
“It’s fifteen years later and things have changed,” Mitsoda said. “We have to be very sensitive about how we handle things like mental illness and that was a concern for us and for Paradox, in how we can make a mature story but if we do anything, we do our homework and make sure that we are punching up and not punching down.”
Fuck youuuuuuuuu.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
It'd be great if they could remake Bloodlines and publish it as a pairing with the sequel since the 2004 game was an incomplete bug infested mess that had to be modded by fans just to get it to work right, but that's unrealistic. It'd be a praise worthy move if they did do it though, people would pay double what they were planning to get the sequel for if it came with an updated version of the first game.

I played it with all the community patches several years ago. From what I remember the game had great voice acting and dialogue but the quality declined over the course of the game and the world felt really tiny. And a lot of plot points and interactions seemed like they would lead somewhere but didn't; like when you complete the questline with the "twins" and the final dialogue you get with the remaining twin makes it sound like they'll be part of the story later on but nothing ever comes from it, they just stand in that spot for the rest of the game. The game was obviously unfinished.

Even with all the patches I still got a bunch of bugs, including one that required me to noclip through a door to continue the game because the NPC that needed to give me a key or something bugged out, I hate to imagine what the people that played it on release had to put up with.

Looking forward to the sequel, though. Hopefully they actually get to include all the content they want and the game isn't ridden with bugs like the original.


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Gender pronoun shit made me completely lose interest in this. I don’t care if Epic makes this an exclusive.

Something else I noticed. The developers state the player starts as a Thin Blood. Which is a vampire who has too little of Cain’s blood in him. Basically in-between a vampire and a human. You meet a few in VtmB. In the lore it’s actually a sign of the coming apocalypse that the vampires are all afraid of. Which did happen which is why the setting was retired back in the mid 2000s.

The only way to increase your generation in the lore is to diablerize another vampire. Which involves sucking all of the blood out of them. So is that going to be a thing? The interview says you can pick your clan later so most likely not?

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Gotta admit, it would be amusing to play a troon character and have some character insist on calling you your biological pronouns. But I doubt they'd have the balls to put something like that in.
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