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I already use the Tor mode in Brave when I want to get ultra-private, and am in the process of transferring my documents to .txt files. And my passwords are all stored in a book, not some server.

But I have some privacy questions. Firstly, I've heard some bad things about ProtonMail in the past on the site. Are they a solid email service to use? If not, what's the best non-Google or Microsoft email service to use?

Also, what's the best VPN to use to access Netflix in other countries?

And finally, I have heard the name of a fake email address service of some kind that starts with B. Apparently, it generates emails that ultimately link to one inbox. Has anyone heard of this service (and can anyone tell me its name)?
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I've never heard of anything wrong with protonmail. Its encrypted end to end so even they cant see it. and the swiss are really strict on privacy rights. I really don't see how they can abuse their system.

If you're using protonmail might as well use protonvpn, comes with it for free. But imma echo @Ron /pol/ and say you should torrent (why are you afraid of seeding? you're not gonna get arrested lmao). I use popcorn time for TV/movies, they generally have anything an english speaking audience would want.

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I use It ain't free, but I'd rather pay for the service and not have them sell every bit of information they legally can (and probably a bunch of stuff they legally can't, but get away with anyway).

I use for VPN, and it works great. The only problem is Netflix recognizes most of the IPs I've used and block access, but every once in a while I find one they don't know about.

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Don't want to seed, and not torrenting at all is better than torrenting and not seeding.
So you feel too guilty to torrent without seeding?
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Don't want to seed, and not torrenting at all is better than torrenting and not seeding.
No reason not to seed. Hop on on the private torrent tracker train. Better speeds, file retention and you don't have to worry about getting letters from your ISP....or so I've heard.
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A big brain idea is to use password managers its really convenient to store all your passwords with a company


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associating your credit card details with a paid service is literally the least private thing. You wouldn't believe the level of personal information you get from PayPal as a merchant, even for entirely digital purchases.
I don’t trust PayPal much any way (knew friends who had bad experiences with it) but what sort of information?


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Phone number, shipping address, billing address, full name, method of payment details. PayPal will just hand that information over automatically as part of their API.
I sort of knew that already but damn if it doesn’t sound horrifying when you list it. I recently bought something second hand from an individual and had to go through PayPal. I really hate giving out my details like that but when I considered everything, they only wanted to get rid of stuff from a hobby they were leaving, they sounded sane in the emails, I had their name and address too and figured neither of us had anything to gain by doing weird shit to a stranger so I chose to trust this time.

Fuck, I was about to say it’s "normal" enough to the point where it almost didn’t bother me since you usually have to sign up with an email, enter a shipping address and add a phone number when shopping online anyway but then I realise when you go shopping for groceries you never hand that information over. I do have another PayPal with a fake name and no card attached to it but I never used it in case there was a problem or legal issues.


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If you are using protonmail, consider also using multiple e-mail addresses. 5 were included in the basic account IIRC and you can always buy more for cheap. Easy and simple to use, single inbox, that can be organized with use of filter rules, just don't accidentally reply to e-mail from your boss to your from your address.

Never sign up to any service, where you are using an alias with e-mail address - hacks happen and someone with these leak databases at hand can bactrack to your name.

Perform periodical searches for your online handles and if your actual IP is semi permanent, search for this as well - these VPN services have hiccups.

All this is ofc basic stuff and inadequate, when we enter the realm of state supported advesaries.
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I've been using Protonmail since it was in it's beta phase. And I don't plan on moving. I like Protonmail and it does what I want it to. If you are looking at another secure email provider you can have a look at Tutanota as well.

I tried Brave a few times but I just don't like it. Always used Firefox for years but switched to Waterfox. It's Firefox with all Firefox's telemetry and shit stripped out.

As for Netflix? Netflix is for faggots. Better learn to torrent and since you don't like seeding etc. I assume you're a nigger and want everything done for you without giving anything back. Typical fucking nigger
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