Vaush / @VaushV / VaushVidya / IrishLaddie / Ian Anthony Kochinski - Horse Cock Enthusiast, Larpy Violent Revolutionary, Sex Pest

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Goku 1000000 O

Ian Kochinski a/k/a Vaush, is an aspie pansexual gender abolitionist libertarian socialist anarcho syndicalist from California currently residing in Washington state most notable for his continuous defense of child pornography and sexualizing minors.
Vaush Profile.PNG

He lived in polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend, Hyena, who is...interesting looking to say the least. However, he is now in a relationship with fellow grifter shoe0nhead.
Real name: Alexis Rae Arancibia
DOB August 11, 1995 (age 24)
Vaush Hyena.PNG

They also have a tranny housemate, who doesn't appear very often during streams.
real name: Miranda Sarah Winter
legal name: Maxwell Gabriel Winter (changed September 3, 2019, in Pierce County)
DOB November 4, 1995 (age 24)
Vaush Housemate.JPG

Vaush, then Irish Laddie, first gained some notoriety through being a part of Destiny’s community. Coming on to his streams a few times over the years to either debate or chat with Destiny or debate other people.

Those streams aren’t in of themselves terribly interesting for the most part, but the attention led to the donation of a webcam which allowed him to become a streamer on Twitch. His time on twitch however was relatively short lived due to his approval of bombing the shit out of Israel.

Someone on the Breadtube subreddit put together the timestamps for where Vaush goes off about Israel, and the thread itself is a pretty good sample of the issues leftists tend to have with him.
Breadtube Thread (Archive)
Vaush Timestamps Israel.PNG
Vaush Check Self.PNG
This comment in particular leads us into the next topic.
Vaush Creepy.PNG

Poppy and His Cock
The biggest drama revolving around him has to do with logs between him and an autistic manic depressive woman who he tried hitting on constantly with such winning lines as, "My dong any time". Of course, considering this pic and how small that star is I'm not sure I'd be bragging about your dong. I'm sure its just the angles though.
Vaush Star.jpg
Poppy and Vaush logs (Archive)
Vaush Dick.PNG
Vaush Dong.PNG
Vaush Bants.PNG

Now you could look at the seemingly constant prodding and conclude Vaush is at least a thirsty motherfucker but when these logs leaked out it caused a shitstorm where Vaush was accused of being a sexual harasser. And here you can see Poppy try to push back eventually.
Vaush Poppy Push Back.PNG

The subsequent shitstorm led to an exile from Destiny's community due to the allegations.
Drama Thread (Archive)
Vaush Exile.PNG
The VOD (archive) for it got reuploaded on YT.

Eventually, albeit very begrudgingly, he did issue an apology (archive).

But oh wait, its not really genuine is it. Because the apology video was put out around March but these logs from May show that he doesn't feel any remorse for it. Sources for these images come from this reddit thread (archive).
No remorse
Vaush No Remorse.png

And here are logs of one of his mods suggesting using the name change from Irishladdie to Vaush as a tactic to distance himself from the drama, which you know really signals to me someone who is genuinely repentant.
Name change
Vaush Nervosa.png

The whole Poppy drama basically left a giant stain on Vaush's reputation, but not just because he got outed as a creep but also because of his undying love of Horse Cock. But don't worry guys, he's only conceptually a zooaphile.
Vaush Horse Cocks Conceptually.png

MEGA archive of a couple imgur albums, the logs Vaush put out has mostly the same stuff but the above exchange is for some reason not in there.

The Eternal Quest For Left Unity
One of the big talking points Vaush always emphasizes is the need for the left to form coalitions otherwise known as Left Unity. Suffice it to say, he's not very good at it.
Vaush Unity.png

Since the Poppy drama around him has mostly died down he's settled into being basically a low rent version of Destiny streaming on youtube. With such nuclear hot takes as decriminalizing purchasing child porn for the sake of ideological consistency.

So now if any drama comes up it tends to be leftist infighting on twitter with people like Thought Slime and Jack Saint. Which led to him being labeled as a Dirtbag Leftist, essentially just an edgelord.
Vaush Dumb Take.PNG
Vaush thought 1.PNG
Vaush thought 2.PNG

The drama itself isn't particularly interesting but he is seen in a lot of leftist circles as still problematic. And this exchange led to a four hour stream where Vaush aired his grievances with the woke left.
MEGA archive of the stream

Crawling In My Skin
Leftist infighting and Horse Cock affinity aside, probably the next most controversial position he takes is advocating for political violence. And he is just the edgiest fucking commie look at him, he is about ready to knock some Chud skulls.

He also manages to sound fucking unhinged about it in this debate where he gleefully fantasizes about shooting his debate opponent at various points.

But oh wait, he's too lazy to do anything anyway apparently so its just larpy bullshit.

Whats Next?
But the most notable thing he's done recently is a debate with the Carl "You Can Rape Young Boys" Benjamin, which devolved into a major shit show with Carl yelling SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP at Vaush due to all the interrupting. And with any luck a future debate will actually occur in a live setting in March, as was recently brought up on a stream with Gutian.

So what does the future hold for Vaush? Well one day his quest to turn June "Pedophilia is a side kink" Lapine into a leftist actually succeed?

Who the fuck knows but he'll probably get nuked off youtube if he keeps on saying dumb shit, and I look forward to the fallout.

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Exceptionally Exceptional

True & Honest Fan
I kept seeing people do responses to this faggot on YouTube and all I could tell is that he's some sort of wannabe commie dipshit.
But wanting to legalize child porn? Yeah, that's the sort of opinion that ought to be purged along with whatever profligate holds it. Even his apparent lust for horse cock, as disgusting as it is, doesn't fill me with the sort of rage that people who want to legalize the victimization of children do.
Frankly I think it ought to be a law that the moment you suggest making cp or fucking kids legal your human rights are completely revoked and the rest of society can have at you.

Edit: Looking into it, Vaush was trying to argue that buying a PC that has parts made from unethically sourced labor is the same as buying child porn. I don't even think I need to state why that's asinine and exceptional but here it goes.
Buying a PC is not in itself an immoral act. Buying child porn always is. If I buy a PC that was made using slave labor, that is indeed unfortunate. But buying child porn? How is that even comparable?

I'm buying a computer because modern society more or less demands it to function. Someone who buys child porn does so only to satiate their sick desires at the expense of innocent children's well being. It's absolutely not the same.
Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find out where every part of my computer is made without taking every component apart to check their serial numbers to find out where they were manufactured.
I can't imagine someone unknowingly buying child porn.
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Rafal Gan Ganowicz

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Why is his name Irishladdie?
I'll assume it's to a) give him something to be proud of in the absence of any IRL achievement, much like the "White pride" chuds, and (b) to garner vicarious revolutionary cred through the most tenuous of associations with the murderous, commie filth of the IRA. Guaranteed his version of "Irish" does not include Quain an'Coontry


cum jar conoussier
Bout time this faggot got a thread, Cheers OP its been imformative.
I'll assume it's to a) give him something to be proud of in the absence of any IRL achievement, much like the "White pride" chuds, and (b) to garner vicarious revolutionary cred through the most tenuous of associations with the murderous, commie filth of the IRA. Guaranteed his version of "Irish" does not include Quain an'Coontry
If he likes the Irish republican army then its only natural that he doesnt like the state of Israel.

Rafal Gan Ganowicz

Please do not rate this user's posts autistic.
Bout time this faggot got a thread, Cheers OP its been imformative.

If he likes the Irish republican army then its only natural that he doesnt like the state of Israel.
View attachment 1067928
Yeah, the IRA have supported, nurtured, and 'solidaritied" every ideological rat-stew in existence, and the more degenerate and vile the group, the more the IRA support them. Go check out what Sinn Fein has to say about troons and other faggotry, if you need proof.

Citation Checking Project

Independent Journalist with a 10 year legacy
True & Honest Fan
I found some posts from IrishLaddie from back in the day when he was 16-18 on bodybuildingforums.

His signature was "I will not stop until I look awesome", which brings me to his workout diary. I'll let you be the judge because I don't understand this jargon.

Against my better judgement, I have decided to start a workout journal.

Most workout journals fit into one of two categories- A swole guy showing everybody how he got so big, or a small guy trying to catalogue his workouts and get advice. As my Bodystats may indicate, I fit in the latter category.

I started working out about 10 months ago, in varying level of seriousness. At first, I was the stupid high school kid who would wander around and do random exercises until he got bored. Then, I became a stupid high school kid doing random exercises for specific bodyparts per day until I got bored. Fortunately, even in this infantile stage of my training, I still understood the importance of training legs.

Soon, after about 2 months of dicking around, I took up Rippletoes and started eating what I thought was right. I wasn't, of course. I was 2,500 calories short of what I needed. I got bored with Rippletoes quickly, and started my own workout program, here.

About 2 months into THIS program and 7 months into my overall gym membership, I finally learned how to do a perfect squat. Go me. At this time I was still eating improperly.

About 5 days ago, I read Bondon's Journal. It had a significant effect on me, due to several factors, such as his age, the speed with which he accomplished his goals, his physique. I decided to get serious with my exercising, and eating. Get big or get disappointed. Get swole or cry over it. As such, many of my exercises and other intricacies will be heavily influenced, if not completely stolen, from his own.

10 months ago, I was 160 pounds, 5' 11", 13 inch arms, 20 inch legs.
Today, I am 182 pounds, 6' 1", 14 inch arms, 23 inch legs.

Let's see if I can't do better in another 10 months.

Today's workout, my overall split, and my diet coming soon.

Any interest shown in this thread, whether positive or critical, is greatly appreciated.
Friday- Heavy Legs


Bar x 5
135 x 6
165 x 4
190 x 2
205 x 2

Reverse Leg Press

225 x 6
315 x 6
365 x 3

Seated Calf Raise

90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 15

Lying Leg Curl

110 x 6
125 x 4
140 x 4

Leg Extension

130 x 6
150 x 6
160 x 4
170 x 4

Standing Calf Raise

400 x 8
400 x 8
400 x 8


Over all, a great day. The highest weight I've ever done on a full squat was 155 pounds, so you can imagine my excitement when I managed 205 not once, but TWICE.

I don't think I did very well on the Leg Press, and I think I could have hit my hamstrings harder, but this was an experimental workout and I am very happy with my squat.
Sunday- Back and Triceps

Lat Pulldown

150 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10

Tricep Extension

50 x 10
100 x 8
120 x 8
120 x 8

Seated Rows

110 x 10
110 x 10
110 x 10

EZ Bar Skullcrushers

55 x 10
55 x 10
55 x 10

Hammer Strength Rows

90 x 8
160 x 6
160 x 6

Alternating Dumbbell Tricep Curls

20 x 8
20 x 8
20 x 8


Overall a good day, despite the conspicuous lack of deadlifts. I injured my lower back by being an idiot on Friday, and didn't feel that I'd be able to do anything but injure myself if I tried to deadlift. So I didn't. Triceps were hit well.
Wednesday- Chest and Biceps

Dumbbell Bench Press

40 x 8
40 x 8
40 x 8

Hammer Strength Incline Press

90 x 10
110 x 8
120 x 6

Cable Crossovers

50 x 10
55 x 8
55 x 8
55 x 8

EZ-Bar Curls

65 x 8
65 x 8
65 x 8

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

35 x 8
35 x 8
35 x 8

Dumbbell Concentration Curls

25 x 8
25 x 8
25 x 8


then no more posts in that thread.
3 years before, though, he solicited some advice.

In early 2010, he talked to Dick Masterson himself on the same forum. He held the position that men are not better that women. While a virgin with rage.
Ian Kochinski said:
Though I do dislike my current precoital state of life, I can tell you that you can learn a lot more about women by just talking with them.
Not going to post the whole conversation because I don't really know in what order to quote what, just have a look yourselves.

In 2010 however, he was already sold on the idea of open relationships like the cuck he has always been.

He also argued against the theory of white genocide and in favor of adoption by gay couples in '12. He also posted this in the small penis thread:
Ian Kochinski said:
Small penis thread.

One thousand men jump in and reassure the world that no, seriously, they have a huge dick.

Jesus Christ this forum is insecure. At least the small-dicked fellas aren't so goddamn self-conscious that they have to jump into other threads and pretend anybody cares about how big their dick is.

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