Vegan Buffalo Wings Mukbang - 8/5/19


Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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Buckle in gorls:

Recap (in process):

0:02 - Holy shit that tongue lick lol.
giphy (2).gif

0:17 - Our gorl's mook-bong situation is some Morning Star Farms vegan buffalo nuggets. It's vegan so it is hEaLtHy. Also shout out to my fellow beetus knuckles for holding it down.


0:34 - Our gorl tells us she logged all 16 of these in Weight Watchers. She is still maintaining the WW lie despite we all know she cheated on vacation.

0:54 - Our gorl begins eating and stabbing random nuggets with her fork. She likes to eat the soft ones (underdone) first.

1:17 - Our gorl confirms she is down with the WP by flashing the okay sign. We knew Necky was racist but Amber too boo boo?


3:35 - Our gorl loves her nuggets hot temperature wise.


4:00 - She addresses the haydurs that ask why she moans whenever she eats. Her response is akin to everyone else does it so there. She puts another nugget in her mouth and starts to moan. You showed those haydurs Amber! Yo go gorl!

5:00 - Our gorl brings out the riveting content. She starts to complain about the RANDUM stuff on HER counter.

5:08 - She shows us her water bottle (where is your coldest water bottle sis?) and someone put coffee in it.


5:14 - Our gorl gets startled by Eric and Ricky coming home.


5:16 - Ricky gives zero fucks that Amber is recording and stares at the camera.


5:34 - Eric begins trolling by turning on the sink and making noise. There is still salt in the house even after the Lexington trip.

5:57 - She finds a shot glass with Listerine. Which means that someone is sneaking alchohol and covering it up with the Listerine. Necky the stealth alcoholic.

7:00 - Amber eye fucks herself for us:

8:40 - Our gorl is blazing new trails for YT content. She is now silently reading the bag the nuggets came in as she chews her food. Riveting.


8:53 - A serving has 3 fiber and 13 protein!

9:11 - Despite her telling us that she doesn't like to talk with her mouth full, she exclaims "Awww that's cute" with a full mouth of nuggets. She pauses so she can finish her bite to finally reveal what was so cute. The answer: a recipe for sliders and lettuce wraps. Woot! Woot!

9:58 - Our gorl admits she gets sad when the nuggets are gone and proceeds to scrape all the crumbs from the plate with her fork.

10:35 - these used to have ayyyyyggggsssss

10:58 - she is dyin' of a thirst y'all.

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WOW like last year she will drip feed the Lexington content to retarded degrees. She is beyond vile and delusional NIGGA YOU ARE STILL EATING A PLATE OF CHICKEN NUGGETS.

"I like eating these temperature hot, thats so weird." no its not stop thinking you are so freaking unique and quirky. You are basic af and nearly dead.

She addresses the moaning "If you enjoy food show it." No Hambeast its called moderation.


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From what I can tell she is eating about 600-ish calories here; one serving size is 3 nuggets 5 (curse my sight) at 200 calories, and I am counting about 16 nuggets on that plate. Too many calories gorl just because its vegan doesn't mean that you should stuff your face with it. Its like the nutritional information is written in some alien language that she just cant decipher. She doesn't need weight watchers she needs portion control which is what every doctor she has gone to has tried to hammer into that thick pig skull of her's and she refuses to acknowledge that the best/only way is you have to cut calories and exercise more. The epitome of lazy and stupid.

Also Hamber you aren't annoying you're pathetic. I am almost certain you were akin to or were that one kid in high school (we all know the one) who mimicked random noises and gestures that they saw cooler people do on television or in real life in a vain hope that it would somehow boost their social status one iota on the bloodthirsty blue bitch gladiatorial ring roster that high school can be. Because you see, it would make them the funny kid. And to be honest these antics probably got a disconcerted awkward chuckle from the people around them but it was halfhearted and out of a sense of fremdshamen rather than genuine amusement. And so they keep doing it thinking it's cool but in reality, it had a reverse effect. That's you Hamber. The gauche fat gorl everyone felt sorry for but no one wanted to be around.
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