Vegan Buffalo Wings Mukbang - 8/5/19


good for you

Eating the fucking crumbs with a fork. Really bitch?

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Rate me MATI but I want to smash that plate over her head after seeing that.
You smash the plate over her head and I will take that janky fork and stab her in the eyes.

This is just like when simply Sara uses vegan meat in her dishes and then doubles down by adding two whole bags of it. These landwhales love convincing themselves that since it's """healthy""" that they can still eat four portions of it and not put on a pound.

I can watch Simply Sara and not want to kill her. So she has that going for her. Most people actually like her. But, I concur with your comment. She is quite obese. But likeable. JMO

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
She once said that she does not feel full after 20 chicken McNuggets, large fries, large soda and a dessert. For her, this is one serving.

It would take a normal human being something like what....2 days to get used to not feeling hungry any more if they are dieting and exercising to lose weight? Maybe 3? It really doesn't take long to adjust - most of the success stories even rave about how amazing they feel after just getting over that first little hurdle, and the actual journey of losing weight and become healthier is awesome and they wouldn't ever want to look back, blah blah blah.

But these deathfats can't bare to even stand one second of even the mildest perceived discomfort. They don't even feel physical hunger, but NOT having 20 nuggets and large fries and a god damn McFlurry is too much for their fatty brain to handle and they have to have a tantrum over it. Gobsmacking.

A serving is 5 wings. That's 200 calories, 640 mg of sodium and 20 g of carbs per serving. Fatty, quit with the "no candy" bullshit too. We all saw the bag of Reese's Cups in the hotel.

Ugh.. was just about to say this. Alongside comments like "this diet was gonna put me on 700 calories and that's just bad, because on a diet of 700 calories I'd just easily gain weight if I ate more than 700 calories" (don't 'exact-quote' me on that, but you guys have seen her past videos as well, so you should know what I mean) it just shows how fucking dumb she really is in understanding all that shit. The LAST person to be counting calories and to be deciphering packages should be Amberlynn, 'cause she can't decipher that shit at all and she has no idea what calories even mean. Such stupidity.

That anti AL weight loss Tumblr blog that was posted a couple of weeks ago also had a girl say something similar about feeling bad for reaching her 1200 kcal goal a day or something, because actually reaching that goal would mean that she'd be maintaining weight instead of losing?

Guys, you realize this means that there are idiots out there who believe that a doctor or dietitian naming an amount of calories means that you suddenly only burn that amount? Magically? As if the saying of the number changes your digestion and that's what causes weight loss, instead of realizing what normal standard calorie intake is and how that basically hardly ever changes. Can you even imagine the idiocy? It took me a while to see that pattern, because it's so fucking exceptional, but I definitely noticed that this is what some people tend to think. Including AL. My mind is fucking blown.

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Wonder if Becky can ever get that kinda reaction from her?
The closest Becky gets to giving her any kind of pleasure is at drive thrus, when she assertively asks for what she needs.

I'm kidding, of course. Nothing makes Amber wet except the dopamine hits she gets from sodium and sugar in massive quantities.

For anyone that watches this and feels a little MOTI, just remember, nobody can hate ALR as much as she hates herself. This is a deeply sad existence she lives. She's a prisoner of her body and mind. She contributes nothing of value to society, and makes tons of money, but can only spend it in very limited ways. She's in a very unfulfilling, co-dependent relationship with someone she has nothing in common with. Her body is probably screaming in pain most days, but she is so active in her addiction, she's willing to suffer terminally for it.

A bag of microwaved chicken nuggets is the most joy she's gonna feel in her day. So when she trolls and you find yourself wishing the worst on her, just a friendly reminder that this gorl's been dead for awhile. Her body just hasn't caught up yet.

And nope, still don't feel sorry for her. The only ones worth saving in that house are the pets.

Since the serving size is 5 for 200 kcals and she had 16!! that's 640kcals booboo. For a snack!!

Please, tell me again how WW teaches you how to make healthy choices.

how many points are these on WW? now I see how WW really isn't for someone AL's size..... figure people at AL's size don't expect them to know common sense. atleast she didn't try to say they are free points...or did she?

do you all think she would have had a heart attack if she had 1 5 piece serving of those chicken nuggets with a side of baby carrots, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes?
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how many points are these on WW? now I see how WW really isn't for someone AL's size..... figure people at AL's size don't expect them to know common sense. atleast she didn't try to say they are free points...or did she?
The comments were saying 19-22 but I haven't checked myself.