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It's not really possible to do that since Richard typically only debates people he can beat, i.e. Frank Tufano and when he is presented with something he can't answer, he'll come up with a gem like "that's just not in the scope of the conversation", which his inexperienced opponents always seem to let slide. There is another YouTuber named Bart Kay that challenged Richard to a debate a year or two ago, and Richard agreed to this debate, thinking it would be another walk in the park. Funnily enough, after agreeing to the debate, he did a bit of background research of this "Bart Kay" and realized Bart was a published researcher (you know - someone with an actual education who knows how to read and interpret scientific research - not someone like Richard who can only parrot a couple lines from a conclusion or abstract) who was going to make him look like a fool. Richard unsurprisingly went silent for a few weeks, until he found an excuse his audience was stupid enough to believe, to get out of the debate. He made up a lie about Bart being a "doxxer" or something (lul), and as an upstanding member of society (lul) he just couldn't possibly lower himself to debate someone of such low moral character. Richard is a grifter who is has even sunk as low as to start pimping out his wife. He's a pathetic excuse for a human being and only a complete moron could actually watch this guy unironically and not see what a morally bankrupt, talentless, loser he is. The only reason he is vegan is because he thinks it gives him the moral high ground, from which he can ridicule others to make him feel better about his sorry excuse for a life.

Nice try!

So, Richard claims Bart got "destroyed" by some "doctor"... and? Not only did that "doctor" have no valid arguments, it seems like he's not even a real doctor. If he has provided any proof of being a doctor, feel free to share.

In any case, none of this has any bearing on the fact that Richard refuses to debate anyone who is even remotely qualified to discuss the health impact of a vegan diett. Asking for an example of where he "lost a debate" is a ridiculous request. If someone only races against toddlers, the lack of an example where they lose a race doesn't mean they are the fastest person on the planet. It doesn't even mean they're fast. It only means they are faster than a toddler. Apologies if this analogy soars over your head. I'm sure most will understand though.

Richard is a grifter and his con is to scour the internet for bogus studies that "support" his position, despite lacking the ability to properly vet any of this "research". He then proceeds to bombard his inexperienced opponents with quotes from these studies which neither of them understand or have any ability to debunk in the event that what Richard is saying is incorrect. Because his opponents are inexperienced debaters who know little about what they're discussing and lack the ability to properly interpret and scrutinize research, they don't understand how to deal with this tactic and Richard then comes across as being well-informed, as someone who has "the science" backing his position, etc... The fact that his audience also lacks the skills to interpret and scrutinize any of the research Richard is citing, is another reason why he can get away with this. However, if pressed on the issue, Richard would be completely unable to justify why he trusts any of the research he's citing, without making a blatant appeal to authority, something which he calls people out for all the time.

If Bart Kay is so dumb (as Richard claims), why would Richard not debate him and make him look foolish? That is Richard's whole modus operandi - debating "carnists" and making them look dumb. That's literally his entire shtick.

For some reason, he has the time and energy to debate Frank Tufano (someone who is actually quite dumb) 3 (maybe more) times and make countless videos about the dude! But he can't spend an hour having a live conversation with Bart? Do you really not get what is going on here?

The only explanation that makes any sense is that Richard, while incredibly stupid, is smart enough to understand that his only debate tactic (bombarding inexperienced debaters with "studies") will not work against someone with Bart's background as a researcher. In fact, in the several weeks after Richard agreed to debate Bart Kay, it was obvious to anyone who knew who Bart was, that this debate would never happen. None of these people were surprised when Richard inevitably bailed, and none of these people were surprised by the completely nonsensical justification he gave to his gullible followers which they swallowed without question.

Richard is a one-trick pony. If he can't get away with his only trick, he has literally nothing else up his sleeve. It's obvious to every non-vegan why Richard all the other vegan con artists refuse to debate Bart Kay, or anyone else who is remotely qualified to discuss the health impact of veganism. What is truly amazing is that vegans don't hold this guy accountable, and it's probably because on some level, they know it's all big a con as well. Most vegans are motivated by nothing more than a desire to feel superior to other people, and anything that puts that feeling of superiority in jeopardy is avoided at all costs.

There's this channel from a vegan called U DidDit Rong that's making videos debunking a lot of odd vegan YouTubers, including him.

An Aussie comedian made a video on VG's wife OnlyFans:
Vegan Gains responded:
In this video he says he makes ~10k a month (from all sources)
Overall, he went the "you're insecure if you don't e-pimp your wife to randos" and "ur gay" routes
Here's his wife's OnlyFans dedicated twitter account where she posts censored versions of her OF uploads, along with retweeting shitton of other OF thots - apparently it's considered rude to spam your OF page in their comments unless you rt it
Let's see what all the fuss is about (edits are his)
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Feel Richard's confidence radiating through the screen yet? Yeah, me neither
Well, at least he's not without some sense of humor:
Screenshot_2020-09-18 Richard Burgess ( VeganGains) Twitter.png


They should have never gave you niggas Twitter
Oh Jesus Fuuuuck, her new photos are way worse than the photos she tweeted a few weeks ago. She literally looks like a 13 year old boy, that's the flattest ass and the saddest haircut I've ever seen on a woman.

I'm loving the response video VG did for the comedian. This is giving me eerie flashbacks to idubbbz big response video to the backlash over his own girlfriend's onlyfans. "My wife's onlyfans" is quickly becoming its own genre. :story:

EDIT: Just realized we have a cow crossover. I guess VG was getting too close to VaushV and now he's getting backlash over Vaush saying "CHILD PORN SHOULD BE 100% LEGAL"

The reeeeeee-ing is real.

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Has richard responded yet to the guy?
She bought a Super Chat in one of his lives (she made a video clip of it) and asked him to check out his channel but she said he didn't seem to react to it. It's at the end of this video.
I remember I saw a vlog and it was ended off by them saying 'right we're finishing vlogging now cause we're taking butt photos for only fans' and I thought it was an ironic joke at the time.