Vegas #5 - Gunt and Longing in Las Vegas - Dec 30 - Jan 3 - One last Vegas before jail!


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Sep 17, 2018
My thought process was that it would be to, at least in theory, keep Ralph from airing out dirty laundry. I've seen a few people over the months wonder if maybe Ralph knows some sensitive information or something. So if he did cut Ralph off, which I don't think happened, I could see an NDA and a payout being involved. But I think he's more likely to just slow respond to someone less and less until they get the hint.
Make no mistake, no agreement will keep Ethan from spilling anything he perceives as dirt the second he feels slighted, see Rackets. Dax also is fully aware of this, also see Rackets, and will not be opening his notoriously tightly closed purse to pursue an exercise in futility.

Your more likely scenario is probably correct but Dax doesn't realize just how slow Ethan will be to get the hint from his adopted father figure

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Nov 3, 2016
Why does he keep saying "dick cut a promo" in his kicked out of binions story? Does he mean they were filming themselves being assholes?
Cutting a promo to old wrasslers means going off on someone basically. Normally in front of a camera or a crowd of paying fans. He just uses their terms like a gullible idiot