Vegas #5 - Gunt and Longing in Las Vegas - Dec 30 - Jan 3 - One last Vegas before jail!


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Sep 29, 2020
:story:holy shit thank you god for this picture,

1. theres literally no one physically lower than the gunt in that picture,

2. look at how fucking tiny he is compared to dax, i forgot where the info that gunt actually stood on a box or did some tiptoe or something and was lifted for the gunt pic was but its just obviously true look at that,

3 that means gunt hiding his height inadvertently showed how gross and fat he was via the shirt riding up

4 his fucking hands and legs are so obviously tiny and spindly and his gunt is sagging so fucking hard now even through shirts, its fucking tearing away at the fabric trying to get out with the tiniest bit of gravitational shift downwarrd. constantly pushing itself down and out,

5 his mong head is fucking huge, not even just from fat look at how all its dimensions are just completely fucked, its a fucking bobblehead. it has twice the width and depth of the other people in the pic.

6 look at how fucking disgusted dax as at this disgusting putrid malformed creature stalking him, he looks taken aback that this squealing shitting piglet approached him

7 lol at "consoled" hes literally coping with being literally felted.

8. the business in the back is called "4 queens" and it just fucking makes this pic.

9 why the fuck is malformed body so fucking funny for pointing pics? i think this is going to be my new default pointing pic.
I always thought the "Ralph is a manlet" was a meme, but seeing that picture makes me think otherwise.

Also, he looks awful.



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Dec 17, 2021

This is oddly depressing, just looking at two washed up weirdos trying to recapture their youth and better times.

The casino employee that was working the booth

The best part is that it's an empty table as everyone else realized something was wrong with the dealer having so many winning hands. Just take the kick in the nuts and buy the bullet for your rented gun.


ethan ralph got the covid vaccine in vegas
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May 7, 2021
holy fucking shit lol this is the shortest ralph has ever looked in any picture it looks like he shrunk himself in photoshop. he looks like that even with the fake timbs lmao. why would you post this it’s over for the ralphamales. lol and the lighting makes him look pink too like a piggy lol fitting. ralph confirmed 5’1 this image will not be forgotten

edit: fans in the ralpha sektur are retarded and coping
no, ralph is shorter than you imagined. killstream fans are coping
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Mar 21, 2020
I always thought the "Ralph is a manlet" was a meme, but seeing that picture makes me think otherwise.
the only meme about it is that his height actually matters to anyone but himself. he really is quite short.

Ouch. Imagine being Ethan Ralph and having to worry constantly about not being photographed standing next to anyone. Coming up with convoluted poses because he thinks they mask how short he is. No wonder he needs to be constantly wasted, his life is a nightmare.
whats bad is "comedian" is one job that allows you to turn you physical oddities and shortcomings into not only cash makers but lauded and even inspiring in the right circumstances. its not even when its a lot of alogs either it was at one point just kop and he freaked out enough to fake a video with tape measure where you cant see but the top of it and where iirc he stands next to a door and proved he was shorter than hes letting on because of standard or average doorway height. then the handful of pre kiwi alogs just ruined his fucking mind with it, even when you were universally even here denounced as an actual alog sperg who should suicide if you laughed at his height.
Someone lied to him and said dressing in all black would make him look less fucking obese. Dax looks unwashed and smelly as usual, in his 1982 pleather Members Only jacket, mom jeans and gym shoes. Imagine being in your 40s and thinking this looks cool. :story:
tbf its possible hed look even more obese wearing something other than black.

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Sep 5, 2019
it was insane he was hurling fucking racial slurs because he was too gunted and lazy to get there before closing time. threatening not to leave and trying to film it to have his fans harass them. whats he think hes going to do once he tries to flee to mexico to escape justice? harassing random customers too
This sounds amazing and is new to me. Is there video footage?

Kramer on the phone

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Aug 7, 2021
Solely based on the fact that he has an age appropriate timeless haircut, which doesn’t make him look greasy all the time like Diddler Dax
thats the crazy part, you can see an outline of an appropriate haircut without the curls and he looks 10x better. he'd look his age but on the flip side he'd look less like a pedo. dick's fashion choices have been absurdly shit for his entire life though. for someone from the valley he is surprisingly ugly, and the women he bangs aren't as quality as you'd expect. the rocker thing is played out to everyone that isn't white trash either. Mark Normand talks about banging any woman he can and he attracts much better women, and part of it is probably because he's literally the only normal looking guy at a lot of these LA/NYC events. Normand dresses like one of the adults on the power rangers and he fucked the AT&T chick, Dick dresses like Lou Gram 20 years ago and thats why he's stuck fucking leathery old ladies.