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This is so odd. I came into contact with her years ago, back in the mid-aughts on a gaming forum (can't remember exactly what it was. Minor powerlevel is spoiler because no1curr, just thought it was weird to see her again.
Our interaction was basically her calling me a tard for preferring Mass Effect to The Witcher. Like, look. I'm an autist dyke gamefag, and for me, video games are supposed to be about killing things and saving the universe, and the Witcher seemed to be marketed exclusively to gay faggot homosexuals, because every other quest was your cunt girlfriend telling you to buy fancy clothes and dress up for a ball, or putting on a play, or some uncanny-valley fucking. I've got nothing against sex, but games should be games and porn should be porn. I can look up any person fucking online for free. I don't need to flip the bean to my games.
Anyhow, she's just one of those people who think the internet means no consequences, which can be true, but only if you're smart and cover your tracks, which she didn't, because they never do.
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