Dramacow Venus Di'Khadijah Selenite / Thomas Lee Hinyard - Racist, e-begging tranny "dyke-faggot"


I’m genuinely comforted by the existence of this thread, because I stumbled across Venus’ GoFundMe for some “writer’s retreat” and seeing people support them, unquestioningly, made me feel like I was loosing my mind. Like there’s people out here who think this is reasonable? No one’s calling this parasite out for leeching other people’s money? We’re all just going to agree that this able-bodied adult man is somehow incapable of raising his own money to go on a vacation and for some reason can’t just sit at home and slam out some shitty poetry on his $1400 laptop, no, he has to cross the goddamn country for three months to write at some ritzy hotel instead? Not one single person is going to call him out for being a lazy, spoiled brat? Am I being fucking pranked?

Also, I hate the way people like this talk. I hate the exaggeration of mild inconveniences into violence and disability. I hate that everything they do is labor that needs reparations. I hate that they demand ridiculous amounts of wealth from people who already have nothing. I hate that being a lazy jackass is valid important healing work. I hate that people act like this kind of insane entitlement is fucking normal.

Fuck. I’m gonna go shove a crystal healing wand up my ass, someone pay me $50,000 for my queer sexual labor.


Ironic how misogynist autogynophiles pick exceptional names. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, femininity, and beauty. You're quite obviously a man in a skirt, nothing feminine, lovely, or beautiful about it. I hate the word "appropriation" at the best of times, but if there was ever a time it should be used, it's now. Was being born black not enough oppression for you?


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Lol, have fun with your fucked-up body! I'm sure you won't regret it any time soon. Having fake titties obviously makes you a real woman.


Never. A while back, he said he had to stop taking estrogen because it made him lose his boners and it made him too feminine to the point he hated his body. So he's going to be a bargain bin futa for the rest of his life.
I'd assume he already hates/hated his body in the first place by proclaiming himself a "trans woman", so the loss of boners must have been the deal breaker. I wonder if loss of sex drive/etc is something the doctors warn trans people looking for surgery about but they either don't care or assume it won't happen to them, or it won't be that bad.


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I was checking if heartmob still exists (inexplicably it does) and found this lovely KF review. I quickly scrolled through the thread and didn't see it being posted before but I can't tell how old it is so I might be :late:

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View attachment 589088

heartmob (archive)
Waaaah waaaah I act like a twat online and people laugh at me, the NAZIS.

For someone so apparently brave, he's frightfully thin-skinned.


Decided to see what Venus is up to and they are promoting some sort of alternate Twitter sex account where things get "more dirty". It's a protected account and your follow request needs to be approved to see anything.


He also begged earlier today for $70 for groceries.

Also, Venus wants a theme for this year's birthday gangbang - "thinking of my religious upbringing and how sex played a part in that rebellion"
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