Dramacow Venus Di'Khadijah Selenite / Thomas Lee Hinyard - Racist, e-begging tranny "dyke-faggot"

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liar. obviously
So, he takes his internet beggar money, goes to Red Lobster, and decides not to tip a server WITH AN ACTUAL JOB because they see this clownass and are still nice enough to call him a 'he' and not gag in his face. Lovely! Literally murdered at Red Lobster.
And you KNOW he was the most obnoxious, demanding, petty fucker possible.and had no intention of giving a tip.
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True & Honest Fan
Fun how he works himself into believing he lost $25 a month because of his breasts being exposed, because there's no other reason someone might want to not support him.

Fun also how he's forced to stiff the underpaid waitstaff at a Denny's because they (allegedly) didn't respect pronouns. And how misgendering is worse when it's done to a non-white person. And that there are enough donations to take his 'girlfriend' out for dinner on her birthday. To a Denny's.

I've met a few artfags in my time. This is by far the faggiest I've ever encountered, though.
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The funniest part of all of this is that Venus considers this porn shoot "work" but mentions in another tweet that some of this money is needed to pay the cameraman. So Venus is literally paying money to make this porn happen, not the other way around. And it's not like anybody is going to buy it to recoup these expenses.

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Venus' goal of $1545 for weed and travel expenses is now down to just $835. So people donated $710 in 3 days to Venus for no reason other than being a black transgendered person. Was this enough to make Venus happy? Take a guess.

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