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This thread is for us to sperg about Venus’ recovery and adorable Japanese life without shitting up the Margo thread.


Venus Angelic is a Swiss YouTuber famous for her ‘living doll’ look. She originally had a thread here, but we discovered that her mother Margaret Palermo was the actual lolcow. Margaret is an abusive mother who dragged Venus around the world while living off her YouTube profits and Swiss child support.

In 2016, Venus ran away from Margo and is currently in Japan with her husband Manaki. She’s begun talking publicly about her abusive childhood, eating disorder, and weight loss surgery. Venus’ honesty and success has warmed the blacked husks of kiwis’ hearts, leading to the creation of this thread for all our autism.

Note: If Margo freaks out about something Venus posts, put it in the Margo thread FIRST. The purpose of Margo’s thread is to document her insanity, this thread is for feelings about Venus APART from Margo’s madness.
2007 Interview with Roman Kilchsperger on Swiss TV (date unknown)

4 April 2012 Daybreak interview (British TV)

28 Feb 2013 Venus posts a video of herself at 3 years old; she was already taught to be a model/actress

13 Dec 13 Episode of My Strange Addiction airs

April 2014 Bodyline drama; Venus posts a video and later removes it. More Bodyline info

11 Oct 2014 Entrevue Interview
1 Jan 2015 Venus and Mana start dating

5 Feb 2015, 9 Feb 2015,,26 Feb 2015, 29 March 2015 Venus releases 4 videos with Mana (from Seoul?)

28 Nov 2015 Margo posts on instagram about how safe SK is compared to Japan

19 Dec 15 Venus Hits 1 Million Subscribers
1 Jan 2016 Venus and Mana are together for 1 year

2 Feb 2016 Venus posts on her instagram that ran away

3 Feb 2016 Margo’s kappa photo/video threatening suicide

5 Feb 2016 Margo claims to be meeting Venus in Japan to ‘bring her things’

Approx. 5 Feb 2016 until 21 May 2016 Margo’s hobo trip around Japan

6 Feb 2016 DramaAlert picks up the drama between Venus and Margo

9 Feb 2016 Venus makes a video responding to Margo’s accusations of killing pets

11 Feb 2016 Venus posts 'How I Ran Away From Home'

13 Feb 2016 Evidence suggests Margo posed as Venus to pick fights with other YouTubers

18 Feb 2016 Margo bricks Venus’ MacBook

19 Feb 2016 Venus posts 'Hacked by my Mom'

24 Feb 2016 Margo tries to lure Venus to the airport, releases emails attempting to broker marriage between Mana and Venus

18 March 2016 Margo makes a video about Venus’ marriage

30 March 2016 The infamous leg shaving video is posted

31 March 2016 Margo shuts down Venus’ YouTube via copyright claims

? May 2016 Venus gets weight loss surgery in South Korea

5 May 2016 Margo overnights in Seoul because her visa expires on 6 May, goes to Canada on (?)

7 May 2016 Margo fails to ensnare HotPinky as a replacement Venus

12 May 2016 Margo relaunches the VenusAngelic shop

13 May 2016 Venus and Mana visit his family, suspicious Margo is sneaking around their house

20 May 2016 Mana and Venus post him in a dress/makeup; Margo makes hilarious accusations

20 May 2016 Margo seems to be posting from Japan? She comments on their car being gone

23? May 2016 Margo goes to Canada

26 May 2016 Margo says she went to the US to sue Venus for the YouTube channel

27 May 2016 Venus’ YouTube is returned

29 May 2016 Margo's version of the knife incident when Venus was 13

30 May 2016 Venus says she is in YouTube's beta protection program

30 May 2016 Margo takes advantage of the US holiday and files a copyright claim; Venus' channel is down

31 May 2016 Margo demands $3000 a month in exchange for the channel

2 June 2016 Margo posts from a StarWars themed flight, confirming she attempted to fly from Canada to Japan, but is turned away

10 June 2016, Venus’ channel was up for a few hours

15 June 2016 Margo visits Germany, stays with Hamburg Jasmin

15 June 2016 Venus is hospitalized

19 June 2016 Venus is released from hospital

20 June 2016 Hamburg Jasmin is interviewed by lolcow

22 June 2016 email exchanges between Margo and Venus

24 June 2016 Margo drops "Hymn for Venus"

26 June 2016 Zsu claims Margo got pregnant in order to trap her husband

29 June 2016, Margo posts email conversation that took place on 13 May 2016

4 July 2016 Margo is in London

6 July 2016 Grandpa Fenric is in Tokyo? Unknown if he saw Venus

4 July 2016 Venus announces her merch store

8 July 2016 Venus’ YouTube is returned

20 July 2016 Margo graces Japanese Tindr

20 July 2016 Margo collaborates with Vexxed on a video about the drama (from which Venus now gets all proceeds)

13 Sept 2016 Margo updates the shoop with more crap
1 Jan 2017 Venus and Mana are together for 2 years

16 March 2017 Venus posts 'Do I Miss My Parents?'

6 Dec 2017 Venus goes to the hospital for stomach issues

9 Dec 2017 Venus is released; she is ill for the rest of the month
1 Jan 2018 Venus and Mana are together for 3 years

12 Jan 2018 Venus goes to the hospital; she weighs 93 lbs and needs IV nutrition

20 Jan 2018 Margo posts a creepy side-by-side

8 Feb 2018 Venus gets reconstructive surgery on her stomach

17 Feb 2018 Venus is released from the hospital

6 March 2018 Venus posts ‘Scared of Getting Fat

8 March 2018 Venus gets her Twitter & Facebook back with help from a lawyer

3 April 2018 Venus attempts to call her dad, gets Grandma instead

8 April 2018 Margo calls her ex-husband’s mother to talk shit about Venus

13 April 2018 Venus has started therapy

20 April 2018 Venus posts 'How I Almost Died from Illegal Weight Loss Surgery'

6 May 2018 Venus admits to ED and shares a plan for recovery; Margo mocks her

Since escaping the clutches of her crazy mother, Venus has been on quite the roller coaster. She initially seemed to be adjusting well to married life in Japan, but that came crashing down when she began getting extremely ill. She spent over a month in the hospital before finally confessing to the doctors that she had traveled to South Korea to get weight loss surgery from a hack, Dr. Kang. Venus has since spiraled; she was diagnosed with BPD but doesn't appear to be in treatment. She left her husband, created an OnlyFans, and behaving more erratically by the day.

Feb 2019
Venus announced that she was diagnosed with BPD. (She later retracted this, claiming she has ADHD, then unretracted it? I can’t find the posts though).

March 2019
Venus is now attracted to women, still living with Manaki, recovered from ED and was planning on pursuing an education.

August 2019
Things were looking up for Venus! she had started working for a PR company, was going to therapy several times a week, and ditched the kawaii crap for adult outfits and décor. She was still married, and she decided not to post about her private life anymore. She even hosted a fan meetup! Unfortunately, our girl’s marriage was suffering. On August 13, 2019, Venus posted a (drunk) video claiming that Manaki was abusive and living off of her income.

September 2019
Venus announced that she was filing for divorce and launching her own company. She appeared to have raised quite a bit of cash for the endeavor, and was prepared with a studio, office, and all the necessary equipment for video production. As far as I am aware, she never spoke about this company again. Venus attended a PR event, where farmers noticed that she was not in photos with the other girls and generally appeared messy. Simultaneously, Venus’ drinking was escalating, to the point where she was drinking during mid-day livestreams.

October 2019
Farmers struggled to hold out hope for Venus while being forced to admit that she was an absolute drunken mess.

December 2019
Primink made a video about Venus, which was well received by both Kiwis and Venus herself.

New Year, New V? January 2020
Venus posted that she had an optical topography in order to clarify her mental health diagnosis. She also announced that she was going to an anime convention in S. Korea. The convention was presumably canceled due to Covid-chan.

February 2020
Venus introduced Ken (presumably an ex-boyfriend) to her audience by posted accusations of him controlling her finances and neglecting her physical health, as well as behaving inappropriately toward kids.

March 2020
Mods removed Venus’s Off-Topic tag and she became an official member of the Beauty Parlor Pasture.

April 2020
Venus posted a semi-nude photo on Instagram. Three days later, she created an OnlyFans.

May 2020
Venus began a flurry of posting on OF, including topless photos from Manaki’s house. Later that day, she dropped a DD shoot. She also posted a rather strange video about her OF account claiming that she “always wanted to do this,” and was not being forced into posting. Mid-month, she went to a love hotel with a mysterious cameraman.

June 2020
Baby Beenos. Fucking gross. @DrainRedRain summed up the thread quite nicely. It became obvious throughout the month that Venus was losing it. Despite being on the internet for the majority of her life, Venus posted a hilariously angled ‘Demon Venus’ photo. During the month, she posted about her mental health; apparently she “may” have bipolar or ADHD or BPD or a combo of all 3. Someone from the other farms watched a live stream and noticed that Venus’s manager-san slapped her off-stream. She later posted an apology, claiming that she should have canceled the stream, was okay, and that she “like to play the victim and make people worried.”

July 2020
Venus says that in two weeks, she will be going to an in-patient treatment facility for a month. She continues posting during the time she should be in-patient.

August 2020
Venus posted an OnlyFans Q&A video on Youtube. She appeared to have a black eye and overall looked sallow. Later that month, she posted another Youtube video full of cringey sexual jokes. The stream where she appears to get slapped resurfaces and farmers attempt to translate the audio. Venus apparently modeled for someone in July and actually looked lovely/sober.
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New video from Venus, talking about how she regretted getting her stomach surgery reversed and became extremely depressed, even contemplating taking her own life.
She talks about her plan for her recovery and how she now feels that she isn't afraid of gaining wait or "getting fat" as she puts it.

There's some subtle digs at her mother too :winner:



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Seeing Venus sans make-up, in the hospital photo Margo posted, made me realize she’s actually prettier without the Japanese baby doll make-up styling. The make-up she wears kind of makes her look generic, because lots of Asian girls nail that look just fine. Venus has a genuine natural beauty she could use to stand out from the pack.

So many girls in that scene are average looking but the hours spent with styling and make-up for the cute doll look make them look prettier. Venus is well above average in looks but the make-up style she employs just makes her one of the herd. She should stop covering/altering her features to achieve the baby doll stuff and start accentuating them to stand out as a true and unique beauty.

Sad her crazy bitch for a mother convinced her this facade was what made her attractivd and in demand, because Margo could never tell her she was naturally beautiful without any artifices. Marg had to be sure her “beauty” was something she could package, buy, control and market and made sure Venus thought without Mutti’s help she would be nothing!

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She's an odd one, but I actually feel bad for her. Her mother really screwed her up, possibly for life. Like how messed up does one have to be to do that to their child? Especially to the point where said child runs off across the globe...

Still. The cringe of her trying to look Asian... just why.
I'm still hoping that Venus releases a tell-all book in her thirties about why/ how all this shit shaped her. I literally cannot imagine how her life must have been.

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Kind of minor, out of date info: Venus (and friend) decided to go vegan for a month as shared challenge earlier this month.

This wasn't something Venus announced on her own account, so it seemed a bit suspicious at the time. It could've been an unconscious attempt to return to controlled eating, or possibly a desperate attempt to start a "clean" diet as she felt her digestive problems begin again. Either way, it doesn't seem like they kept up with that challenge. The friend decided to go vegetarian just a few days later, and recent Venus IG updates show off milkshakes and ham sandwiches, so (:optimistic:) doesn't seem like orthorexia is in her future.


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Venus is trying out a new food blogging direction, and she's not a half bad writer, especially considering english is her third or fourth language (depending on whether you count German and swiss German as two languages, the Spanish, then english).

I published the first one on the Margo thread because Margo was sneering at it ("who cares about eating! Everyone eats! She should be concerned with IMPORTANT things like going to the Jew House and pretending to be religious!")

In this one, Venus reviews the pastries available on the fancy train car from Yokohama to Tokyo (I think they live in Yokohama?)


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Poor Venus. Sounds like they put her on an SSRI of some sort for anxiety and depression. The first few weeks of that can be rough depending on dosage.
Age has a huge effect on it too, as well as individual drugs having their pitfalls.
All SSRI's have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts for people under 25. From experience, insomnia is common as well as mood swings and nausea. It's a bit of a trial and error affair when it comes to them unfortunately, but when they work they are gold. Hopefully her doctor will monitor her whilst she is starting and be willing to try others if the side effects become too much.


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I can't really comment on this, hit me a bit too hard in the feels.
Good luck on your recovery Venus

This is the result of a childhood of constant trauma, insecurity and lack of love. When she was with Margo she was in constant survival mode so she had no time to process her feelings and emotions. The irony is now that she’s in a stable, safe environment all that shit she suppressed for twenty years in order to survive, and please Mutti, now bubbles to the surface.

She seems like a really awesome person with a ton of potential. I hope she finds a way to heal and be happy one day.


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I'm so proud of her for acknowledging she needs help and taking the necessary steps to get it. She's a strong kid, and she's gonna do really well in life. She seems to be really aware of herself and her feelings, and is learning to identify them and know that these bad feelings will pass. She could have turned out so much worse.


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Yeah, I really feel for her. :( I hope the medication continues to help her or if that one doesn't they will help her find one that works. Depression and anxiety are not fun at all.

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The feeling of like sluggishness that she was describing is what set me off. That’s a pretty serious sign, something I personally have never suffered with, and that’s just sad... Someone who is usually so bubbly turning into someone who is so depressed they can hardly speak... hit me straight in the feels.


This is from the PHQ-9- a standard diagnostic questionnaire for depression. Idk, hit too close to home for me lmao sorry for the :autism:


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Ive stayed off the Venus and Margo threads because it’s impossible for me to post without powerleveling, but I will say this:

I escaped an abusive, narcissist parent and it took 13 years of hard core therapy, heavy duty meds, and some time inpatient to finally develop healthy coping skills.

I wish Venus nothing but luck and hope she can get the mental tools she needs to overcome her upbringing. I was seriously worried there for a while, she had her head deep in the sand, but it looks like she has realized she didn’t escape unscathed now that the initial freedom and elation has worn off.

I hope she finds happiness and joy in her life as well as all the love and kindness she deserves


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Venus-kun, having rescued her twitter (and other accounts) away from Margo's iron grip with a lawyer, has returned to daily tweeting.

Here's some of her tweets about depression, what she's doing to make it better, and her life in general right now.
View attachment 503831 View attachment 503832
View attachment 503833 View attachment 503834 View attachment 503835

It’s a really excellent sign that Venus takes getting better like a serious job, listing tasks and what works. Not many people have the discipline to address mental issues like this but those that do get results and get better. It makes depression feel something that can be conquered instead of it the huge overwhelming thing you feel helpless in the face of.