So, an old video? That's the arcade shirt I believe

This one too, we've seen it already

Also, LOL she said a New Year's Eve dress
Bitch you wore it to eat pizza

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New clothes and tacky earrings, looks like Dana's getting some more goodies from Amber since she apparently just prefers to give shit away instead of going through the return process. She has so many people in her life that need clothes like that that they can't afford. Where? She's mostly surrounded by mini cows that I don't think would fit into her tents.

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One of the many things that amazes me still about Amber is her delusion, the balls she has to buy to buy 4XL or 5XL when we all know she sized out of Torrid a long time ago.
what could she even possibly wear at this point? did she grow out of the "maxidresses(?) backwards as shirts" size as well?
i imagine she has, but maybe companies still make tents she could pull that off with


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what could she even possibly wear at this point? did she grow out of the "maxidresses(?) backwards as shirts" size as well?
i imagine she has, but maybe companies still make tents she could pull that off with

There are definitely companies that sell clothes to super duper death fats but they’re not kyoot like Torrid


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Why does she order everything in different sizes? A 4 for this, a 6 for that. And why does she need new clothes for winter? What has happened to all her other hauls? It's not like they were smaller sizes she grew out of. She's always just ordered fucking random sizes.

Spoiler: it all looks like shit, and none of it fits. She thinks most of it does.
Highlights of her descriptions: "dark tan," "sweatshirt cardigan," and "clear situation" (for a mesh chestpiece).

Charitylynn makes an appearance. She explains that although Torrid has this amazing policy wherein you can return something you don't like, she doesn't take advantage of that, rather giving her rejects to Dana, I mean, "people."

I guess the TRUTHFUL part is that she talks about and points out her lymphoma.


And small tits

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Thanks to ADHD for the stills. Haven't watched the video yet but took a minute to look up the 'star' dress at Torrid. It's supposed to be a scooped neck, the arm holes aren't supposed to be so tight your arms end up sticking straight out & the 'belt' should be sitting high on the waist, not below her boobs. In short - I don't see any of that fitting properly. Here's the link to the star dress:

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I hope Becky watched this get filmed, getting more turned off with each outfit, and that's when she thought to herself, "This hair is annoying the fuck out of me, fuck this hippo, I'm cutting this shit off so I feel better in my own body than she looks in any of this shit she's giving Dana's fat ass."

I hate these try ons and don't want to recap them.

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ighlights featuring tits and ass for hopeful replacement butlers:

The sheer immensity never ceases to amaze me. No 600 ellbees there. Nope, not at all.

And so dainty! She's stylish and so keeewwwwwt! If I ever looked like that, I'd be crying in my pillow. But this gorl? She putting it out there for the whole world to see. Amazing.

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The depths of denial shown here are making the Nile look like a puddle. I will never understand why fat people insist on wearing clothes that are clearly a couple of sizes too small. “Skinny fit” is a thing, but the name should be a hint. Unless you’re in good shape, tight-fitting clothes ain’t gonna look that great on you. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t wear anything skin-tight if you wouldn’t be comfortable showing that part of your body au naturel.

Would Amber go out topless? Methinks not. Does a thin layer of cotton that clings so tight it could have been spray painted really change that much?

Hide yo fat rolls, bitch.


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Al wearing tight clothes just emphasizes how small her boobs are in comparison to everything else. She should wear muumuus made of bedsheets instead. It would be much cheaper than the Torrid tents she’s buying and they would hopefully fit her better. I don’t understand how Al can drop lots of money on clothes when she has a body like that. She knows she’s fat, but I believe Al is very in denial of how fat she really is. She’s the inverse version of people believing they are really fat when in reality they are underweight.