Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al. (2019) - Vic's lawsuit against Funimation, VAs, and others, for over a million dollars.

So question, is it more expensive to sue someone or to get sued in terms of legal fees? Cause I'm constantly baffled that these people want to get sued to "prove they are right". Fuck that, I got bills to pay
Long story short, there is no answer. It depends entirely on legal strategy and desired outcome. There are limits to Level 2 discovery, which is the default category, so that portion is unlikely to be a source of abuse.

Rule 190.3. Discovery Control Plan - By Rule (Level 2) (1999)

(a) Application. Unless a suit is governed by a discovery control plan under Rules 190.2 or 190.4, discovery must be conducted in accordance with this subdivision.

(b) Limitations. Discovery is subject to the limitations provided elsewhere in these rules and to the following additional limitations:

(1) Discovery period. All discovery must be conducted during the discovery period, which begins when suit is filed and continues until:
(A) 30 days before the date set for trial, in cases under the Family Code; or
(B) in other cases, the earlier of
(i) 30 days before the date set for trial.
(ii) nine months after the earlier of the date of the first oral deposition or the due date of the first response to written discovery.
(2) Total time for oral depositions. Each side may have no more than 50 hours in oral depositions to examine and cross-examine parties on the opposing side, experts designated by those parties, and persons who are subject to those parties' control. "Side" refers to all the litigants with generally common interests in the litigation. If one side designates more than two experts, the opposing side may have an additional six hours of total deposition time for each additional expert designated. The court may modify the deposition hours and must do so when a side or party would be given unfair advantage.
(3) Interrogatories. Any party may serve on any other party no more than 25 written interrogatories, excluding interrogatories asking a party only to identify or authenticate specific documents. Each discrete subpart of an interrogatory is considered a separate interrogatory.

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Theres more and this is just the 1st round of lawsuits. Highly recondmend you go over to the weeb wars forum everyone there did a spectacular job cataloging the spergery.
Yeah, I specifically gave shout outs to @mindlessobserver.

Em basically said I don't need to reinvent the wheel here with this thread. I made sure to link to the OP he did. This is mainly just gonna be about the dry legal stuff. As more shit gets filed, I'll be organizing things better. Right now, we're in the nascent stages of all this.

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@AnOminous is there any chance of a counterclaim here? What would it possibly be?

Sorry if a counterclaim doesn't even make sense in this context, I'm not a legal expert, much less on Texas law (which is why I'm asking you).
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Funi is absolutely going to refute any assertion that the unholy trinity are its agents, and in doing so it will be hanging them out to dry.
Well, they're going to try to do that. Good luck.

They're the fattest hen in the henhouse and the fox just got in.

@AnOminous is there any chance of a counterclaim here? What would it possibly be?

Sorry if a counterclaim doesn't even make sense in this context, I'm not a legal expert, much less on Texas law (which is why I'm asking you).
It's pretty generic to file a bullshit counterclaim against nearly anything. We'll see what we'll see.

From Exhibit D. Interrogatories and requests for production to Ronald Toye (pp 25-27)

View attachment 730665View attachment 730667View attachment 730670View attachment 730672View attachment 730673

The significance of them wanting domains, social media, email accounts etc is so that they can subpoena records for them.
Toye and Rial still act like this is no big deal, totally lackadaisical "heh, look at that, we got sued :)" Totally out of their depth, which is proven by their inept ethics complaints. What are the chances they have or will try to destroy or cover up correspondence between the two of them about all this? This is a couple I could see instant messaging one another as they sit next to each other on the couch.