Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al. (2019) - Vic's lawsuit against Funimation, VAs, and others, for over a million dollars.

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You're crazy. It's just a random fee. Small crap like this gets missed all the time, and the courts seem to file "Ok you did the thing" notices a few days late anyway. If they wanted to throw the case without getting sued for incompetence, there are better ways than a blatantly obvious "refusal" to pay $10.

Having said that, sometimes stupid people really are that stupid, and I will laugh for days if they ignore this to the point where it screws up their appeals.
At this point I expect lemon to have in his contract "All fees from the court for filing will have to be paid by you", and they're waiting on MoRon to pay up that 10$.


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Surely no lawfirm on the planet could be this incompetent.
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Have you even watched these morons in action?

Wouldn't this open them up to getting sued by their own clients, though?
Actionable legal malpractice requires two things, which are a failure to live up to an objectively reasonable professional standard in the practice of law (which failing to pay a filing fee after being specifically ordered to do would qualify as) and prejudice to the client or someone they owe a duty of care to.

Since nothing is likely to happen as a result of this, except maybe another bill, it wouldn't be actionable.

Even if they didn't pay it after the tickler letter, and we don't know that.